High Definition Video Conferencing from Aethra

21 04 2007

Also at TechFest 2007 by Visionaire we were introducted to Aethra’s new line of high definition video conferencing. Awsome quality at what we understand will be a very attractive price…..take a look for yourself and see the difference. This is the 4th system for HDVC that we have seen demonstrated in the last 3 weeks and this is certainly a contender for the best seen yet.


Below we have include a press release from Aethra regarding their new HD offerings. For further information on Aethra in the Middle East contact Visionaire on http://www.govisionaire.com

Aethra SpA, a leader in the global video communication market, today announced that one of its systems was judged among the ten best new videoconferencing systems of 2006 by Videoconferencing Insight, http://www.vcinsight.com, the web-based newsletter, internationally recognised as one of the top authorities on the world video communications scenario since 1996.

The Aethra system chosen by Videoconferencing Insight is the Aethra Vega X7 high definition (HD) visual communication system.

According to Videoconferencing Insight Editor Richard Line, HD is the way forward for the videoconferencing industry “There is no doubt that most users will prefer a High Definition (HD) videoconferencing system if they can afford it. In two years time, few users will think of buying an obsolete SD-only VC system,” explains Richard Line in the introduction to his choice of the ten best VC solutions of 2006.

Aethra’s new Vega X7 HD solution has been designed specifically for video meetings with high-definition video. It provides users with higher resolution video, enhanced colours, sharper images, and better audio and performance. It is also compatible with video conferencing systems from other manufacturers, as it supports both wideband audio codecs – G.722.1 Annex C and AAC-LD.

The solution is equipped with a HD-SDI connector for the HD 16:9 camera included in the package. This cutting-edge rack-mounted codec provides the highest quality videoconferencing for customized deployment in rooms of all sizes.

The Vega X7 provides XGA input and output ports for simultaneous dual-stream video for live PC presentations. The integrated Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) connects up to 9 sites in mixed mode (ISDN, IP-H.323 and IP-SIP), with convenient dial-out and dial-in (Meet Me) configuration. Continuous Presence feature enables participants at all sites to view each other simultaneously. The Vega X7 can be integrated into existing conference rooms with audio and video facilities or customized solutions.

“The move to HD videoconferencing is a fundamental part of our on-going strategies”, explains Marco Viezzoli, Aethra CEO. “We are therefore extremely satisfied to see that our HD solution, Vega X7 has been chosen by Videoconferencing Insight as one of the ten best VC solutions of this year. Our goal is to continue creating solutions that perfectly reflect the requirements of the market, such as HD systems, which is why we continue to invest 10-15% of our revenue every year into Research and Development. Aethra has been in the telecommunications business for thirty-five years and this latest step in making HD infrastructure solutions available on the market is just another demonstration of Aethra’s ability to put forth advanced technology,” concludes Marco Viezzoli.




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