SMART launches the Senteo interactive response system

21 04 2007

Last week while attending TechFest2007 by Visionaire (Yes ….. we stole the name for this Blog…of course with permission) one of the leading system integrators in Asia we saw a brillant application and integration of interactive response system with electronic whiteboard …….during their Festival of Technology held in their Campus in Dubai last week….


Visionaire along with SMART Technologies Inc. announced the Senteo™ interactive response system. The system includes a handheld device for each student in a classroom and a central receiver that allows teachers to send information out to each device and receive information back from each student. The Senteo interactive response system increases one-to-one interaction by allowing teachers to survey and engage students and collect responses to personalize the learning environment. The learning curve for the system is short and a variety of product features, some exclusive to SMART, have been built in. Extensive feedback from educators has been incorporated into the design of this latest product, ensuring it is flexible and user friendly.


The cornerstones of Senteo are ease of use and compatibility. The system comes with Notebook™ collaborative learning software, used in 450,000 classrooms around the world. The system runs with most third-party software, including Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel® software, and it works with all interactive whiteboard brands. Radio frequency technology enables students to send responses from anywhere within 30 meters (33 yards) of the receiver. The handheld device boasts an ergonomic design, a large LCD screen, 21 input buttons and a variety of question options that can be viewed on three lines of text.

“Our customers have been asking for an interactive response system to complement their other SMART products,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “Our product line is constantly growing in response to identified needs in the market, and the teachers who have been actively assisting us with the Senteo interactive response system design are enthusiastic about its addition to an ICT-enriched classroom.”


Notebook software
Included with the Senteo interactive response system is Notebook software. The software offers features and resources that help educators, trainers and presenters create, present, manage and teach with digital content. Teachers can write and edit notes in digital ink, import or export PowerPoint presentations, record data and audio, and create quizzes for use with Senteo. Notebook is regularly upgraded and is available as a free download to all SMART customers. It runs on Microsoft Windows® and Mac OS operating systems.

Radio frequency technology
Radio frequency technology enables the handheld device to interact with the receiver with or without a clear line of sight up to 30 meters (33 yards). Both students and teachers can be confident that responses will be accurately received.

Supported question types
Questions can be created in a variety of formats, including multiple choice, true or false, numeric responses and more-than-one-right-answer. Teachers can author their own questions or import them from Word or other third-party question banks.

Quick view icons
These icons enable students to view Senteo’s signal strength, battery life and available networks. Students then have the flexibility to choose a network and classroom option.

LCD screen
An LCD screen gives students an optimal view of the information on their handheld device. The screen will not strain their eyes, and they can see more than one question at a time. The screen also enables students to view their own responses with three lines of text visible.

Long battery life
Two AA batteries power each student device.

Ergonomic design
This student-friendly design includes 21 input buttons for optimal use of the system. The device may be either handheld or rested on a desk surface and operated with one hand.

PowerPoint software plug-in
Questions can easily be added to PowerPoint presentations.

Visionaire can be contacted at and SMART can at




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