Gefen Makes System Integration Easy with Two New Video Scalers

30 04 2007

Stretch It, Switch It, Split It, Gefen’s got It……..Gefen’s byline is correct, check out their two new video scalers and then their site for their complete range of specialised products to take away the interconnection blues…..


For anyone wanting to connect different video formats to their digital display, two new video scalers from Gefen offer plug and play operability.

A Home Theater Scaler Plus provides the ability to connect two HDMI sources with separate digital audio, a component video source with analog audio, and either a composite or s-video source with analog audio to a single HDMI display. This makes a total of four audio and video inputs, two in digital format and two in analog format.

This scaler performs several key functions: it converts analog signals to digital formats, it outputs high definition video for each source, it scales the video in all resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080p, and it switches between sources at command. HD video is output in HDMI format with embedded audio supplemented by two additional audio outs in digital (S/PDIF and TOSlink) formats.

A VGA to DVI Scaler Plus offers bonus features in addition to its ability to connect analog sources to digital displays, outputting scalable high definition video up to 1080p or 1920×1200. These include new aspect ration, color correction and noise reduction that enable the finest imagery possible. Access to the Scalers advanced features is controlled by IR remote, offering a point-and-click method for added convenience.

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