Choose your own Protocol; Have Kramer got it right with the FC-5

5 05 2007

Open Source or compatibility of protocols is not something that has made it into the AV industry as yet…..and it badly needs to so that we can have systems operate in a truly inter-operable manner……right now we can not blend control and switching products together easily in IP and other protocols because the manufacturers do not allow access to codes across platforms….they are proprietary and we are in fact being forced to stick to one product… system…….fc-5.jpg

Kramer are addressing this with the FC-5 which is a compact protocol translator and controller which allows you to control any Kramer or Sierra product with the RS-232 protocol of your choice. It can be configured with up-to 4 translation tables, each with 256 commands, and it comes with easy to use software that allows anyone to quickly and conveniently build translation tables…..

The unit has two RS-232 COM ports, and also features two relay connections for the control of rooms functions sucha as lighting, drapes and screens (this is a bonus meaning in certain situation we can do away with other control modules).

Well done Kramer…this is a start….lets work towards ensuring all AV protocols are open!




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