Polycom and Nortel enter into Alliance

11 05 2007


In today’s competitvie market. alliances can be as important as channels in marketing strategy. So the announcement that Nortel and Polycom will jointly deliver immersive telepresence and high definition (HD) video conferencing solutions to enterprises worldwide under a new agreement is significant.


Nortel will resell and service Polycom video solutions as part of its new Multimedia Services portfolio. Nortel video conferencing services featuring Polycom solutions will enable global organizations to create a more efficient, effective and productive environment for collaboration among geographically dispersed employees, customers and suppliers.

The non-exclusive agreement with Nortel covers the entire line of Polycom video conferencing solutions, including telepresence, conference room and desktop video for multipoint conferencing; video network management and scheduling; and recording, streaming and archiving of video conferences and content.

These standards-based solutions are part of the Polycom UltimateHD* architecture, which offers the high quality, scalability and backwards compatibility necessary to provide an unrivaled user experience.

“These solutions can seamlessly connect multiple locations in a virtual meeting experience so real participants will almost believe they’re in the same room,” said Dietmar Wendt, president, Global Services, Nortel. “Teaming with Polycom, Nortel can deliver comprehensive video conferencing solutions and services that provide more efficient and effective communications across the globe, improving an organization’s productivity and business reach while delivering significant savings in network operations.”

“As companies move toward more global business operations, maintaining effective communication and collaboration among knowledge workers, customers, partners and suppliers becomes more challenging,” said Robert Hagerty, chairman and chief executive officer, Polycom. “The good news is that there are amazing new tools like Polycom’s RealPresence Experience (RPX) and HDX video conferencing systems to help enhance communication and collaboration among dispersed teams, mobile workers, and telecommuters.”

“Using instantaneous collaboration tools such as voice and video to meet and share content enables faster decisions, raises productivity, enhances relationships, and improves knowledge access and transfer,” Hagerty said. “We are teaming with Nortel to drive increased adoption of these technologies among customers around the world.”

Additional information about Polycom RPX HD telepresence and HDX video conferencing solutions is available at www.polycom.com/RPX and www.polycom.com/HDX.

via [VideoConference Insight]




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