Lewis Unveils HD DVD Movie Server

12 05 2007

Now this is some serious hardware for you movie buffs.

Lewis, makers of classy media PCs and DVD servers, has just unwrapped the MS4800 and MS9000 HD DVD/DVD servers which are capable of storing – wait for it – 4.8TB or 9TB of video content.

This is the equivalent of 160 high defintion HD DVD movies, 685 DVDs or 8,000 CDs for the MS4800, Lewis_ms4800_front_cover and 300 HD DVDs, 1,285 DVDs or 15,000 CDs for the MS9000. The storage capacity is made up from 12 fault-tolerant hard disk drives – 400GB drives for the MS4800 and 750GB drives for the MS9000. They employ Raid 6 which means two drives can fail without impacting your precious collection. They come with dual HDMI inputs.

The servers can also record from two digital sources and can output in all high-def formats – 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

You may want to check your bank balance, and your heart rate, first though as all of this HD movie luxury will not come cheap. We’re still waiting on exact prices but expect it to be thousands with double-digits attached.




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