Careful how you clean your Plasma, LCD or Rear Projection Displays

13 05 2007

We know spring is here and we know you wanna keep all your gadgets nice and shiny, but you see that dark, u-shaped streak running through the bottom of this DLP TV? That’s what happened when some poor schmo sprayed Windex (or any other cleaner) directly onto his DLP. The liquid drips down to the bottom of the screen and then creeps back up, sandwiching itself between the screen and the protective plastic. Yeah, fingerprints and smudges happen, but use a soft cloth to wipe ’em away.


Now this is a RP TV, but as Plasma and LCD displays have similar layered type screens, it happens to them also.

Remember if you need to use Windex, spray it on the cloth and not the screen!

via [gizmodo]




One response

26 09 2008

hi, i have this problem with my toshiba dlp 62hm116 and i was wondering if there is anything i can do about it. i was considering lightly blow drying it, or possibly trying to take the screen apart, but was hoping that i could get some ideas from people that have had the same problem.

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