Samsung poised to introduce white LED-backlit displays

15 05 2007

Samsung believes that by 2010, 30% of all LCD televisions will include LED backlights instead of the conventional flourescent used in most sets now. What’s different from the LED units we’ve seen before is that Samsung wants to use white LEDs, with single diodes custom-coated to produce the same backlight previously requiring combinations of red, green, and blue bulbs. Samsung recently invested in Intematix, which produces custom phosphor coatings for LED bulbs to create uniform color — required in a television to faithfully reproduce colors. Until recently costs have been higher for LED backlight units, keeping them relegated to higher-end models. Samsung claims the single bulb process reduces costs by 40%, but time will tell whether white-only LEDs are truly better or cheaper than tri-color LEDs, or if they are just the next “Reveal lightbulb” marketing gimmick.


LED technology is going to become the norm and already is in smaller LCD displays, your mobile phone and some of the recent notebook compters released.  LED technology for display backlighting saves energy, and provides cooler running displays …….. The question is just when and at what cost!




One response

29 03 2009
danny uyeno

very nice monitor-television technology that’s really revolutionary, however
the price is much too high for most people so for the 99% we’ll just have
to wait for the prices to drop significantly.

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