Dell’s Tiny $350 PC Hits China

24 05 2007

We are always on the lookout for small form factor PC’s for use in our projects… compact enough to fit inside the table in a meeting room or behind the display in digital signage applications, and fits the budget…….


Dell has a deal for you, so long as you live in China. Its new $350 desktop is positively petite, using the tiny Mini-ITX form factor that’s long been a proud home to appliance-makers and modding enthusiasts alike.

The EC280 comes with Intel’s new 205-model CPU, which turns out to be a Santa Rosa-class Celeron clocked at 1.2 GHz. It has 512MB RAM, an 80GB hard drive, a DVD Player and uses only 23 watts of juice. On the downside, the SiS GPU stashed in it is only DirectX 7-capable and might choke on some media codecs at HD resolutions.

Currently only available China, as a starter desktop for bargain-hunting, developing-world buyers, here’s hoping the EC280 hits the rest of the world soon: this little fellow might not go toe-to-toe with the Mac Mini, but at that price, it would make a great home server or cheap, set-top media center. I can think of a dozen things this would do better than anything else that’s easily available in the domestic market.

And, let’s face it, it’s the cutest Dell you ever did see.

via [wired]




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