Phillips release 3 new LED-Backlit Displays

24 05 2007


The 42-inch 42PFL9832D, 47-inch 47PFL9732D, and 52-inch 52PFL7432D LED-backlit LCDs are looking like they might be the next big thing for Phillips. Sharing the company’s Ambilight tag, the sets offer dynamically changing colored lights behind the display to match the mood in a movie that supports the technology. But as we know all too well, HDTVs are about the specs, and not the lights. For that reason, Phillips has thrown in a 120Hz refresh rate so we can get twice the responsiveness you would find scenes showing quite a bit of motion.

If you’re looking for some differences besides the obvious, look no further than the speakers. The 47-inch and 52-inch sets have standard two-channel embedded speakers, while the 42-inch model will offer full surround sound.

Look for these sets this summer for $2,799 (47 inches), $2,999 (42 inches), and $3,599 (52 inches).

via [akihabaranews]




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