Barco launches latest Network-Centric visual system

2 06 2007


Barco, a leading developer of advanced display solutions, launches the latest additions to its line of network-centric projection systems for multi-site collaboration at InfoComm 2007. Business visionary Gary Kayye will give live demonstrations of this new technology in Barco’s booth as it applies to board rooms, exhibition halls, remote meeting locations, and other presentation environments.
The star of the Barco booth is its new, network-centric iCon NH-12. With its three-chip DLP technology and 12,000 lumens light output, the NH-12 offers full 1080p HD video quality and guarantees an extended system lifetime due to its liquid-cooled, fully sealed optical engine that prevents dust from entering. The iCon NH-12 combines these typical Barco high-brightness features with MS Windows integrated desktop operation and mouse and keyboard control.

The NH-12 displays connected and networked sources in reconfigurable and resizable windows. Its advanced picture-in-picture capabilities also make it suitable for videoconferencing in high-resolution, while its image warping allows for projection on curved and non-flat screen surfaces. This renders the iCon NH-12 ideal for applications such as auditoriums, conference centers, or large videoconferencing rooms.
Other network-centric products on exhibit include the MegaWall with an XDS-1000 display management system, the only system on the market known to scale to the desired display wall size and project each source in its native resolution, without loss of framerates. Conversely, the new compact, 1080p HD iCon H250 projector uses the same interface and networking capabilities, but employs single-chip DLP technology with BrilliantColor and an RGBRGB color wheel that adds extra color depth to demo rooms, lobbies, or small- to mid-sized meeting rooms.

Visitors can also check out the iD NR-6, the latest offspring of the successful iD series, now boasting a fully sealed optical engine and improved color rendering. Running at the lowest operational cost, thanks to its single-chip DLP technology and maintenance-free design, the iD LR-6 is a perfect choice for 24/7 applications in environments with lots of ambient light, such as museums or information areas. Lastly, Barco presents its LC-5621 flat panel, which offers no less than QHD resolution. Its very short response time and automatically adapting brightness turn the LC-5621 into a display solution that finds a home in any type of room where crisp, high-resolution visualization is required.

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