RGB Spectrum Introduces the 2 Screen MediaWall 1500 at Infocomm 2007

2 06 2007



RGB Spectrum is expanding its MediaWall® line of multi-screen video/data wall controllers with the introduction of the new MediaWall 1500, to be shown at Infocomm on June 19-21,2007. Like the models 2000 and 2500, the MediaWall 1500 is unique among display wall processors, based upon a custom architecture rather than a PC, with faster updates, true real-time performance, more display flexibility, robustness, and security. Real time display of all inputs is guaranteed under all conditions, at up to 80 frames per second without any dropped frames.

The MediaWall 1500 displays up to six video and computer signals simultaneously on two screens. Images can be displayed any size, anywhere, within or across screens, in correct aspect ratio or stretched to fit, in whole or zoomed to emphasize details. The system offers plug-and-play compatibility with the widest range of inputs at up to 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, including non-interlaced and interlaced, RGB/DVI, HD 720p/1080i/1080p, radar, sonar, X-Ray, YUV component, S-Video, and composite NTSC/PAL. Background images, up to the aggregate resolution of the display wall, can be loaded from compact flash cards or via network connection.

via [rgbsprectrum]

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