Robotic TV mount makes life easy

7 06 2007

This motorized screen mount can tilt and swivel that flat panel display so that every seat in your living room can be the sweet spot. It fits displays from 37 to 63 inches, and give you 7 degrees of tilt up and 25 degrees down. The right-to-left swivel action is a full 56 degrees, too. Plus, it telescopes away from the wall, giving you a choice of snuggling that screen up close to the wall at 4.6 inches or pushing out to a full 12 inches.We’ve seen some of these motorized display mounts before, but this one has some clean design and a hidden cable management system. Is this way cool or what?


We were all over it until we saw its shocking price tag, $1300. If you can get past that huge number, you’ll notice that this one has it all, complete with an IR remote control, an RS-232 port and construction that must be heavy duty because the thing weighs a full 65 pounds. Or, you could save your $1400 and just rotate that TV by hand.

via [gizmodo]




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