Kortek Narrow Bezel TFT-LCD

8 06 2007

Kortek’s narrow bezel TFT-LCD has become an industry standard (this is the first time we have seen this product- is this the Orion repackaged?) in a number of applications where low-depth and very high resolution is required. Examples of these application are NOCs (network operation centers), control room displays, mission critical system status monitoring where high resolution and high reliability is paramount, utility control rooms, military status monitoring, retail stores, corporate lobbies, board rooms and conference rooms. *Expandable from 2-9 panels with built-in splitter function. There is no need for a PC or splitter if 3 X 3 or 1 X 9 is large enough for you. Although, our partners can provide a processor solution that can handle up to 144 panels.


  • Zero burn in affect allowing for presentation of static images
  • Ultra fine resolution for close viewing and data display
  • 178 degree viewing angle for consistent picture
  • High brightness for any indoor high light environment
  • Built-in splitter function
  • Available panel sizes: 19, 40, 46 inches


  • 40 inch panel : 1366 X 768 ,700 nits brightmess
  • 46 inch panel : 1366 X 768 ,700 nits brightness
  • Life expectancy : =50,000 hours =5.3 years of 24/7 operation
  • Splitter function : =9 panel maximum

via [iq announcer]




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