World’s First Phantom Powered DSP for Wired Microphones – Sabine Mic Rider

8 06 2007

The all-new Sabine Phantom Mic Rider™ is like having an audio engineer inside your microphone –– at a price everyone can afford. Plug the Phantom into your handheld, gooseneck or podium mic and listen as traditional problems like feedback, poor intelligibility, inconsistent gain, and “popping” sounds disappear––before the signal ever gets to the mixer.
Phantoms provide these five digital signal processing functions: FBX Feedback Exterminator®, Automatic Gain Control, Proximity Effect Control (controls excess bass sound as you get closer to the mic), Plosive Control (controls loud pops from certain consonant sounds in speech), and Infrared Gate (turns the mic off and on automatically).




One response

13 06 2007

ChurchPA has sold quite a number of the mic rider units from Sabine. They are really amazing and have an incredible ability to remove feedback and make sound pickup more “even”.

One thing we would definitely note though is that you REALLY have to have phantom power or else they don’t work!

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