3D Holographic HD Video Conferencing – DVE Tele-Immersion Room

14 06 2007


DVE- Digital Video Enterprises – have launched what they call “the ultimate telepresence experience – the groundbreaking DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM. . This was shown for the first time at Telepresence World 2007 in San Diego last week.The DVE Tele-Immersion Room offers 3-D holographic appearing images of participants in perfect HD video. People at the remote site appear to be sitting and walking around meeting rooms as if they were in the same room.

Jeff Machtig, co-founder of DVE, said “We developed the DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM to meet the growing demand for ultra-realistic conferencing. With over a decade of development, DVE’s patented, immersive technology, industry knowledge and technical expertise have now enabled a high-end tele-immersion experience that is closer to real life and cost-effective.”

The launch of DVE’s Tele-Immersion Room raises the expectations of what telepresence is and can be. The “room” represents the ultimate in telepresence, with conference participants appearing to actually enter into a meeting room environment alongside their distant colleagues. Other telepresence and videoconference rooms attempt to mimic the experience of tele-immersion by matching room décors on both sites of the conference, but in the viewpoint of DVE “these flat, 2-D images fall short of creating a natural and realistic experience.”

DVE has designed the DVE Tele-Immersive Room based upon industry standards for telepresence so that older videoconferencing and telepresence rooms can participate in DVE’s Tele-Immersion RoomTM experience. DVE does not produce the HD video codec itself but uses those of other vendors.

DVE has formed a strategic alliance with Christie Digital Systems to assist in the integration of Christie’s Mirage HD 3D projectors. The recently announced Mirage HD is based on 1080p DLP technology and delivers a true 120 frames per second image for stunning, high definition flicker-free active stereo.

According to Dave Fluegeman Vice President, Visual Environments at Christie Digital Systems: “Using our state-of-the-art Mirage HD 3D projectors, DVE’s technology will enable augmented reality visualization for telepresence as well as viewing of both volumetric 3-D and stereoscopic 3-D. The corporate presentational possibilities are endless, with the 10-foot-wide floating product and 3-D model visualization creating a new category in the immersive technology market space. We see a very bright future for this product, and are assisting DVE to bring this initiative to market as quickly as possible,”

The DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM mounts a single HD camera behind the projected images for an eye level perspective. The room can be used for telepresence communications as well as a 3-D visualization system for medical and engineering applications.

The room can also serve as an impressive presentational room where memorable 3-D messages can be presented live or taped for training or sales presentations to clients.

DVE’s entire line-up of telepresence products have all been designed to inter-operate, allowing the flexibility to create one-on-one personal conferencing systems, to midsize rooms, to the more expansive, fully-immersive DVE Tele-Immersion Room experience.

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7 03 2008

While this is all good, and a step in the right direction. I certainly get “put off” with the mention of “patented” etc. being used.

What is so ground breaking with this above technology? stick a holo screen, use a hi intensity projector and substitute a regular cam with a HD cam and you get a patent on this?

P.S unless some one has found a way of eye-strain free auto-stereoscopic big screen video conferencing, at the moment even using a mirage 3D projector, involves board room members wearing LCD active or passive shutter glasses to see in 3d.

Try getting CEO’s and other management to wear them and have a ‘serious’ video conference! 🙂

22 12 2008
lifesize video conferencing

A new study concludes that real-time videoconferencing, streaming, and lecture capture solutions for distance education and e-learning markets is growing not to address the needs

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