Inconnectivty of Telepresence Systems now possible with new Telris Telepresence Gateway

14 06 2007

Teliris, the first full-service provider of telepresence solutions, has released the Teliris Telepresence Gateway which enables Teliris Telepresence customers to connect to the Telepresence systems of competing vendors.


In conjunction with its launch of the Telepresence Gateway, Teliris is enhancing its currently available Infinet network offering, which provides a secure connection to legacy videoconferencing, all at the 99+ percent reliability provided through its fully managed service. The enhanced Teliris Infinet network offering enables Teliris customers to connect to standards-based SD and HD videoconferencing systems.

Orders have already been placed for the Telepresence Gateway and will be available to Teliris customers by mid-August 2007.

The introduction of the Telepresence Gateway marks the first time a telepresence meeting can be held between two or more vendor systems. It also enables traditional videoconferencing and other video devices to connect. The new Gateway is integrated into the Teliris VirtuaLive(TM) meeting experience powered by Teliris` proprietary DSM technology. (See picture)

The Telepresence Gateway is designed specifically for Teliris customers to optimize their telepresence experience and still have the ability to connect to other standard systems. It is a unique offering resulting from Teliris` long history of virtual meeting expertise, customer demand and deep relationships with its industry partners.

Marc Trachtenberg, Teliris CEO and co-Founder, told us: “As the leader in Telepresence for over six years, we needed to jumpstart the move toward widespread adoption of interconnectivity. We also felt that it was essential for the industry to work together to set the standard for telepresence interoperability to ensure that all users experience the ultimate natural meeting experience.”

With Teliris` groundbreaking interconnectivity platform in place, Teliris will continue to expand its features that will enhance eye contact, clarity of image, audio directionality and diagnostic capability across all disparate telepresence systems.

Founded in 2001, Teliris develops, implements and manages the world`s most widely deployed telepresence systems, realistically replicating the human dynamics of a live meeting. Teliris has deployments in 19 countries with the largest installed base of Fortune 500 companies, including Pearson plc, GlaxoSmithKline and Royal Bank of Scotland, among others.

via [vcinsight]




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