Infocomm 2007 – Smart releases Bridget 3.2 conferencing software

26 06 2007


SMART announces the release of Bridgit™ conferencing software 3.2 for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS operating systems. The latest version adds improved Voice over IP (VoIP) to Web conferencing applications, chat features, support for more users and enhanced support for the Mac operating system. Bridgit conferencing software 3.2 allows users to connect instantly and share voice, video and data over the Internet in real time. Version 3.2 allows teachers and business professionals to connect through any Internet browser without having to install the software. Bridgit software continues to offer the benefits of easy, secure, cost-effective conferencing for corporate meetings and distance education, eliminating travel time and costs.

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Version 3.2 has refined the VoIP audio quality that will provide further support for teachers and students or business associates who are separated by long distances. A new chat feature now allows all participants to communicate while in the Bridgit software Web conferencing session. Bridgit software 3.2 enables users to connect simultaneously, share desktop and webcam images, and write notes in digital ink for everyone to see. Corporate customers who occasionally use Bridgit software in meeting rooms find it easy to use. With the click of a mouse, they can connect with other parties around the world. Bridgit software is also invaluable in a long distance education environment because students and teachers can connect using their SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard and Sympodium™ interactive pen displays.

“Our school division is focused on creating powerful distance learning environments for our students. Bridgit software, used in conjunction with SMART Board interactive whiteboards, effectively enables our videoconference teachers and students to share ideas and manipulate data at a distance,” says Bruce Miller, technology integration coordinator for Wolf Creek Public Schools. “Bridgit software is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that improves the quality of synchronous instruction in our videoconference course delivery.”

“Bridgit conferencing software provides an easy, secure and inexpensive way to communicate and share information around the world,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “Version 3.2 gives customers improved VoIP and chat, providing them with additional functionality and an enhanced Web conferencing experience.”




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