NTT’s Tangible-3D prototype gives feeling to on-screen imagery

1 07 2007

Regardless of general consensus, it looks like 3D display technology is making a run for our wallets (and to a lesser extent, our hearts), and just days after getting wind of Philips’ latest iteration, NTT is hitting back with a newfangled approach of its own. Based around an improved version of the company’s original 3D display, this prototype system relies on a sophisticated array of cameras and an actuator-stuffed glove that can allow the wearer to “feel the image” that shows up on the LCD. As the object changes, the glove moves along in real-time to give the user a lifelike idea of what the on-screen matter actually feels like, but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow the individual to react. Thankfully, a two-way system that will enable tactile transmissions to be channeled in both directions is in the works, but those parked in Japan can check out the current system at the Industrial Virtual Reality Expo later next week.


[Via Slashgear image courtesy of Mainichi]




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