Sanyo debuts “world’s brightest” PLC-XF47 and PLC-XP100L projectors

1 07 2007

Sanyo‘s got some high claims here, boasting of the “world’s highest light output” on its new 15,000 lumen PLC-XF47 projector (pictured), and the “brightest portable LCD projector” in its 6500 lumen PLC-XP100L. Both projectors feature 2000:1 contrast ratios and inputs aplenty. It’s not just the lamps getting fancy here, Sanyo has packed wireless HD streaming into its PLC-XF47, which can do uncompressed 720p and 1080i video up to 100 feet away with less than a millisecond of latency. The resolution is a mere 1024 x 768, so super HD cinema is a bit of a non-starter, and the $30k pricetag is always a turnoff, but if you need this kind of muscle behind a projector, we’re guessing you’ll figure out a way to scrounge up the cash. The PCL-XP100L matches the resolution, but thirds the pricetag, at $10k. The PLC-XF47 will be out in October, preceeded by the PLC-XP100L in September. If all of this is just too much for you, Sanyo also has the PDG-DXT10L coming in September for $7k and featuring 5200 lumens and a 2100:1 contrast ratio.

Read – Sanyo PLC-XF47 and PLC-XP100L
Read – Sanyo PDG-DXT10L

via [engadget]




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