8 07 2007


A new pay-per-view interface box – combining the Pro:Idiom™ digital rights management (DRM) system, advanced digital TV tuner, and auto-sensing remote jack pack capability – highlights LG Electronics’ lodging industry technology solutions introduced at the 2007 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®).

LG Electronics provides one-stop shopping for hotel operators – from MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compatible HDTVs and connectivity solutions in guestrooms, to digital signage displays and systems in lobbies and convention areas, to headend and DRM systems that deliver HD programming to enhance guest experiences.

“The lodging industry is moving towards requiring a complete technology solution, and not just stand-alone products,” said Ron Snaidauf, vice president, Commercial Products, LG Electronics USA, Inc. “As a manufacturer equipped with an advanced technology group, and dedicated sales and customer service teams, LG is well-positioned to provide hotel and resort operators with a complete, innovative and integrated system.”

For example, at HITEC here this week, LG Electronics is showcasing its new HCS5610 digital interface box that brings DTV tuning and Pro:Idiom DRM to non-integrated LG flat-screen HDTVs. As properties upgrade to HDTV capability, the HCS5610 allows hoteliers to add features such as compatibility with LG’s optional auto-sensing remote jack packs to their existing flat-screen monitors. Easily attached to the back of the display, the unit is hidden from guests, keeping guestrooms free of clutter.

The HCS5610 features a high-definition interface for pay-per-view providers as well as remote control operation of power on/off, source inputs, volume adjustments and channel changes. The unit also includes remote monitoring that allows hoteliers to check on the operating status of each guestroom television from the central headend.
LG Expands Presence, Highlighted in Tomorrow’s Guestroom

Centerstage at HITEC 2007 are dozens of LG flat-screen HDTVs, from sleek LCDs to big bright plasmas. Fellow industry leaders LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation and DIRECTV®, to name a few, are demonstrating their newest programming and guest services on LG flat screens. In addition to its own booth, LG Electronics is also a key participant in the futuristic GUESTROOM 2010 pavilion.

The GUESTROOM 2010 exhibit, a model guestroom of the future, showcased LG’s Auto-Sensing Jack Pack (RJP-101M) and flat-panel LCD HDTV (model 32LC5DC). LG’s RJP, an all-in-one multimedia hub, provides guests with multiple audio/video inputs to interface with the TV and external portable devices. The 32LC5DC incorporates the MPEG-4 technology that enhances performance and simplicity for hotels delivering satellite high-definition programming to guestroom HDTVs.

“LG understands that the hospitality and lodging industry is ever-changing and requires a comprehensive set of solutions and technologies,” said Richard Lewis, senior vice president for LG’s U.S. R&D subsidiary, which develops technologies specifically for the lodging industry. “We address these needs by integrating MPEG-4, Pro:Idiom and Internet Protocol solutions, among other things, into our hotel entertainment systems.”
Comprehensive Technology and Product Solutions

Combining convergence and convenience, LG’s four RJP models – RJP-110W/WBR, RJP-110F/FW, RJP-110S and RJP-101M – feature slim designs for easy installation and an integrated, clean appearance in guestrooms. Compatible with LG flat-panel displays, guests will find the full-featured jack packs easy to use, only needing to plug in audio or video components such as DVD/CD players, laptop PCs or MP3 players to activate the device via the TV. If a guest chooses to connect a device, the interface automatically switches the TV display panel to show the new source. The units also include a USB connection for future applications. With a variety of stylish designs to choose from, LG’s RJPs are versatile additions to guestrooms, and their ease of use will help ensure guest satisfaction.

From 32-inch LCD HDTVs (including model 32LC5DC featured at HITEC) to the 50-inch plasma HDTVs (50PC5DC), LG’s broad line of lodging-specific flat panels are on display in LG’s HITEC 2007 booth, highlighting innovative and integrated technology solutions for today’s hoteliers.

As the first in the industry to include the Pro:Idiom™ DRM system, LG Electronics is demonstrating the robust, highly secure technology platform that helps to assure rapid, broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content. This industry-standard DRM solution was developed to meet the requirements of content providers to effectively protect digital video and audio content, while providing the most cost-effective solution for integrators, hoteliers, PPV providers and manufacturers.

Additionally, LG is delivering the industry’s first integrated HDTVs with built-in MPEG-4 decoding technology for displaying satellite-delivered high-definition (HD) content. With MPEG-4 technology integrated into these HDTVs, more HD channels become available to guests for a more home-like environment.
Integration Key to Next Generation Displays

In addition to its LCD HDTVs with MPEG-4 digital compression technology, LG is introducing the first plasma HDTV with MPEG-4 technology. The 42-inch (42PX8DC) plasma incorporates a stylish two-tone frame finish, and features Clear FilterPRO™ with XCC (eXtreme Contour Compensation) to limit screen reflection in brightly lit rooms, eliminate haze and reduce double imaging. This new plasma is expected to be available for delivery to hotels beginning in July.

LG’s strategic partnerships help enhance access to innovative and forward-thinking hotel solutions. LG’s partnership with DIRECTV®, for example, addresses the hotel industry trend focused on creating a home-like experience for consumers. Hoteliers seeking to provide high-definition content to their guests will find LG’s integrated LCD and plasma HDTVs with built-in MPEG-4 decoding technology make this possible. The MPEG-4 technology standard provides compatibility with the more than 150 national HD channels and 1,500 local broadcast HD and digital channels scheduled to launch on DIRECTV.
Digital Signage Solutions for the Hospitality and Lodging Industry

Completing LG’s full lineup of flat-screen technologies for the lodging industry are LG’s new digital signage solutions ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurants, convention venues and public areas.

LG’s new 42-inch LCD monitor (model M4210C-BA), is optimized for digital signage applications. Its built-in Internet Protocol (IP) technology provides the hospitality industry new options for customer interaction. A turnkey solution for technology integrators, digital signage offers a diverse and innovative option for hoteliers to reach customers.

Capable of portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation, this screen has a narrow bezel of 29 mm which enhances the use of a 4×4 video wall application. Additionally, with LG’s new IP Solution technology, hotels are able to deliver video content to multiple locations from one centralized video content and display control.




One response

26 10 2007
Jay Lundgren, President

Dear Sirs:

I am looking for 32″ LCD televisions with pro idiom for some hotels. Initially I need 70 with another 70 to follow within three weeks. Then I will need varying amounts over the next six months for eight hotel projects which are under way at this time.

I would appreciate contacts from serious manufacturers or distributors.

Thank you,

Jay Lundgren

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