Hitachi’s P42-HV01, L37-XR01 HDTVs sport removable iVDR-S

28 07 2007


Cramming DVR functionality into an HDTV is nothing new, but Hitachi is blessing two of its newest sets with a removable iVDR-S drive (shown after the jump) in case you feel like plugging your theoretical DVR HDD into other compatible devices. Up first is the 42-inch plasma, which offers up a 1,024 x 1,080 resolution, three HDMI ports, digital audio output, a headphone jack, Ethernet, dual ten-watt speakers, an SD slot, and a silver stand in case you’re not keen on hoisting this up on your wall. The 37-inch LCD TV boasts a 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD resolution, 500cd/m2 brightness, 7,000:1 contrast ratio, built-in speakers, and the same port assortment as the P42-HV01. As expected, neither of these sets will come sans a stiff premium, so look for the iVDR-S-equipped PDP to land in “late October” for ¥390,000 ($3,232), while the L37-XR01 LCD arrives a month earlier at ¥350,000 ($2,901)

via [akahibara]




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