Crestron CEN-RGBHV Component Routing Switchers Provide Ultimate Integration

3 08 2007


Crestron CEN-RGBHV switchers are designed to provide flexible signal routing of high-res video and audio for the most demanding presentation environments. With extremely low crosstalk, 450MHz video bandwidth, professional balanced audio, and full Crestron control system integration, the CEN-RGBHV line of switchers satisfies the demanding video requirements of corporate boardrooms and training centers, university lecture halls, houses of worship, command and control facilities, and live stage events.


CEN-RGBHV routers are full matrix switchers available in five configurations: 8×4, 8×8, 12×4, 12×8 and 16×16. Five matrix levels accommodate any combination of RGBHV, HD/component, S-Video and composite signals. Proven flat response achieves optimum performance even at the highest bandwidth. Selectable sync impedance on every input helps accommodate varying cable lengths. Complete multimatrix setup can be configured easily using Crestron ToolBox software, or controlled real-time via SIMPL programming.

Video-follow-sync switching ensures a glitch-free transition when selecting between non-synchronous sources. Blanking time is independently adjustable per output from 0 to 10 seconds, allowing each display device time to lock to the new sync signal before displaying the video image whenever a new source is selected. A sync reference input is also provided to support vertical interval switching of genlocked sources.


Stereo audio matrix switching is also included, supporting both balanced and unbalanced signals. Audio mute control is also included on the outputs for use in real-time operation as well for automatic blanking during switching for a pop-free transition between sources.


CEN-RGBHV component video and stereo audio switchers are completely functional out-of-the-box for standalone operation. Featuring a full feedback LCD display and quick-adjust knob, the front panel supports essential configuration and operation without requiring a computer or control system. Up to 40 presets containing numerous routes and audio settings can be saved onboard the CEN-RGBHV16X16 for instant recall. More customized setup is available through Crestron Toolbox software. All signal routing and audio compensation settings are stored onboard the switcher in non-volatile memory.


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