FogScreen: Walk-Through Water Projection Screen

3 08 2007

Inia Cgirl 1

As we get better at ignoring advertising, more and more intrusive methods are employed to get our attention. What if every time you went to a store, you had to walk through video projected right onto the doorway? Great news! Now you can be brow-beaten with promotional tat in a whole new way, with the FogScreen. Using tap water (1-2.5 gallons an hour) and ultrasonics, the Fogscreen produces a half inch thick curtain of tiny water droplets. The “Fog” part of the name is pretty accurate. Just like the real stuff, the curtain doesn’t feel wet – just cool and dry.Available in two sizes, 2 x 1.5 m (79 x 59 in) and a smaller one meter (39 in) square version, the screens can be linked to make a screen as big as your wallet will allow, which won’t be much. The FogScreen comes in at a around $40,000, although it does work with a standard (and bright) projector.

We can’t deny the cool factor of walking through a projection, though, even if this is just one more step towards advertisements beamed directly into our brains.

via [gadgetlab]




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8 08 2008
Andrew Hesketh

Visit UK Fogscreen at or for more info.

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