Mitsubishi, Samsung Develop 3-D DLP TV Technology

12 10 2007


n one of the most impressive demonstrations at CEDIA, DLP showcased new 3-D technology developed by Samsung and Mitsubishi. Clips shown were of Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith, Chicken Little, and some sports programming.

Newly developed 3-D-Ready HDTV models from Mitsubishi and Samsung create a high-definition stereo 3-D picture when connected to a compatible HDMI/DVI source. Active glasses synchronize to the display, then separate the stereo images to each eye. The 3-D technology based on DLP isn’t limited in screen size due to cost, since DLP historically isn’t exponentially costlier as the screen size increases, as are other technologies. TI says the company is working with major movie studios on 3-D content creation. 3-D theatrical releases have already Meet the Robinsons, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and other studio projects in development including Beowulf and Avatar.

via [Rave Home]

Also interesting to note is that both Samsung and Mitsubishi are both already shipping 3-D compatible HDTVs.




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