PLUS Vision and Touchboards Announce the Half-Time Board

14 12 2007

Specialized Copyboard Enables Sports Teams and Coaches to Strategize, Print, Save, and Distribute Plays


PLUS Vision Corporation of America and its distribution partner, Touchboards, today introduced the Half-Time Board — a specialized version of the PLUS M-11 copyboard designed to streamline game planning and strategy for athletic teams and coaches. A premier provider of DLP® projectors and electronic whiteboards, PLUS Vision Corporation will debut the Half-Time Board at the upcoming National Conference of Directors of High School Athletics, Dec. 15-17 in Nashville, Tenn.
The Half-Time Board includes all the features of the PLUS M-11 copyboard, including the ability to print out and save drawings, and notes written on the whiteboard surface. The Half-Time Board is distinct in that it includes an overlaid image of a sports field, enabling coaches to diagram plays and add notes with greater precision. With the Half-Time Board, users are not required to redraw the field with each use. This saves time and maintains consistency. Once the plays are diagrammed and the notes are added over the field image, everything can be printed out or saved directly to a computer or to a portable flash drive for electronic distribution to team members. Although the Half-Time Board is currently available in football, basketball, soccer, and hockey versions, Touchboards has the capability of creating custom boards for any sport or activity that is structured on a distinctive image template, such as a geographical map or a chess board.
“The Half-Time Board offers a new dimension in ease of use to coaches and their teams. The coaching staff has more flexibility to brainstorm and run plays, and then review them later to decide which to keep and include in the team’s playbook,” said Craig Heiman, director of sales for PLUS Vision. “We’ve even designed the Half-Time Board to print on all-weather paper, so notes can be taken out onto the field and referred to in all kinds of conditions.”
“The Half-Time Board is a direct response to an opportunity we saw among the athletic community to give coaches and teams a more effective way to design plays and game strategies,” said Rich Wagner, president, Touchboards. “As the largest U.S. retailer of interactive copyboards and our best-selling manufacturer, PLUS Vision was the ideal partner to help us develop this exciting new product. The versatility of the M-11 copyboard is well-known for many different types of applications.”
The Half-Time Board is now available from, a subsidiary of Touchboards, and is sold directly to coaches and athletic directors. Pricing begins at under $700

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2 responses

15 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

16 01 2008

Thanks for the article. Never new that a copy board can be used to streamline game planning

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