Rumor: Kong-sized 150″ Panasonic Plasma TV to Debut at CES 2008

31 12 2007


Most of the TV-related hubbub for CES has centered on the increased quality and availability of larger LCD screens, leading us to wonder about what exactly the Plasma brigade will have up their sleeve in response. According to the Daily Yomiuri, Panasonic will unleash something extremely large and imposing: A 150″ Plasma TV prototype, beating the current record-holder from Sharp (at 108″) by far. It’s enough to make the local Kong go ape.

According to the report, the super-sized TV will be publicly released in 2009. There are no current cost estimates but since the 108-incher runs about $50,000, you can expect it to be available for over $75K (if the rumors are true and our panel-sizing math is correct). Yet despite the potentially impressive grandstanding, it’s likely that many analysts will still be wary of the tech’s resolve to stay ahead of the LCD’s momentum.

via [Gadget Lab]




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