Microvision to launch pocket-sized projector at CES 2008

3 01 2008

Ready for projectors to get really, really small? Enter aptly-named Microvision‘s latest contender in its ongoing attempt at mini-projector domination; a plug and play “pico” projector that aims to take mobile devices to slightly larger vistas. The handheld, stand-alone projector — mysteriously code-named SHOW — is based on the company’s PicoP display engine, and is capable of projecting a 12-inch to 100-inch, 848 x 480 WVGA image for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. The SHOW is clearly aimed at the emerging market of media-rich mobile devices, though aside from the projector itself, the company has plans to embed its PicoP chip in other consumer electronics, promising a future of blinding, surprise projections the likes of which never imagined. Of course, as we’ve seen it’ll have some competition, particularly from Texas Instruments, which seems to have this concept on lock. The SHOW will apparently be available for manhandling at CES this year, and you can bet we’ll be getting our grubby mitts all over it.

via [Engadget]




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