Gefen’s CES lineup: switchers, PVRs, scalers, cables and more

4 01 2008
HDMI and how to handle these signals is a question being asked in blogs and chat rooms as it is not straight  forward as is composite video….therefore Gefen is a great place to start for solutions …..

We’ve seen Gefen get all riled up and unleash a barrage of new kit all at once, and sure enough, the outfit is doing just that once more. For starters, we’ve got the TV Switcher, which enables consumers to connect and access four HDMI sources from a single HDTV. Next up is the TV Splitter, which allows users to channel a single HDMI source to four displays — and yeah, both of the aforementioned units play nice with HDMI v1.3a. Moving right along, we’ve got a pair of updates to the PVR lineup; the HD PVR records in MPEG4 and can store material on the 80GB HDD or an SD card, while the SD PVR records content onto USB storage devices. Over on the sound side, the Gefen TV Audio Processor takes a single HDMI source and delivers it to a display and an external audio receiver; furthermore, it reportedly “decodes the HDMI signal to provide an audio signal along with six discrete RCA connectors.” Lastly, the firm is doling out v1.3 / Simplay HD-certified HDMI cables in 6-, 10- and 15-foot lengths, but unfortunately, it didn’t bother handing out price tags for any of the goods here.

via [Engadget]




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