Samsung Sticks With Rear-Screen Projectors, Shows New Series 6 and 7 Sets

11 01 2008

Samsung stays in a market that everyone else is bailing out of….Why?

samsung_lcdtv_front.jpgThe Skinny: Samsung remains unfazed by Sony’s and everyone elses bailout of the rear-screen projector market, showing its Series 6 and Series 7 at CES 2008. The claim to fame of these big berthas? Huge screens for little moolaa, although Sammy isn’t saying how much they will cost. The Series 6 will have a relatively slim cabinet for a rear-screener, and screen size choices in 50, 56, 61 and 72 inches (HL50A650, HL56A650, HL61A650). The 61-inch 67-inch Series 7 sets (Model numbers HL61A750 and HL67A750) use Samsung’s LED DLP tech, and rocks a new version of its Cinema Pure color engine and power-saving Energy Star compliance. Both are available this spring. The Catch: Old tech, dying everywhere.

via [Gizmodo]




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