Two View TV from Texas Instruments

12 01 2008

At CES in Las Vegas, Texas Instruments is showing off DualView – a projection system that lets two people see different things on the same screen.

A DLP digital mirror projector shows pictures at twice the normal frame rate. The two programmes are shown at the same time by interleaving the frames from the two. Viewers wear LCD spectacles which work as light shutters, rapidly switching so that the viewer’s eyes see only one set of frames.

The CES demo showed a car racing game between two cars. Instead of a using a split screen, each player sees only their own car.

The same set-up can also display 3D movies by using the spectacle shutters to show each eye a slightly different scene.

Cost of the spectacles and control system is expected to add around $200 to the price of a projector.

via [new scientist]




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