Powercast Corp. Inspires Product Innovation with Flexible Wireless Power Solutions

14 01 2008

Updated Technology Portfolio Leads the Evolution of the Wireless PowerIndustry with New Variable Range and Contactless Options


A multitude of new devices powered without wires or even batteries will be possible with technologies that Powercast Corp. is showcasing at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Powercast has developed wireless, contactless solutions that send power to devices like smart phones, personal media players and GPS units.
“Last year we demonstrated power transmission through several feet of air. This year we can transfer higher power — at close range — to mainstream consumer devices,” says Powercast CEO John Shearer. “People consider wires and chargers clumsy and annoying. We have solutions that manufacturers can apply in creating true wire free experiences.”
Powercast™ technologies can also power industrial, aerospace and medical devices. Here’s the basic idea: A Powercaster™ transmitter circuit, running on conventional power, transmits watts or microwatts wirelessly to a corresponding Powerharvester™ receiver circuit in the targeted device. A single transmitter can power multiple devices at once.
“We launched our first product in 2007, in partnership with Philips. I’m proud to say we introduced the first FCC-compliant consumer product that powers LEDs wirelessly,” says Shearer. “Our first shipment alone included more than 50,000 Powerharvester™ modules. And we’re working hard to build new partnerships with other industry leaders — companies that share our vision of a wire-free world, and that want to innovate by integrating our technology with their products.”
Founded in 2003 and incorporated in 2007, Powercast is the pioneer in wireless power transfer, inspiring contact-free products that were impossible to build until today. Safe, reliable Powercast™ systems make products simpler and more flexible, mobile and efficient. Our technology has won widespread recognition, including CNET’s CES 2007 Best Emerging Technology Award, and Laptop Magazine’s 2007 Mobile Maverick Award. Powercast holds more than 100 wire-free power technology patents and patent applications.

via [press release] www.powercastco.com




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23 06 2009
Udo Satiz

Good job! Keep going.

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