Polycom intros HDX 7000 HD video conferencing solutions

23 01 2008

Although Polycom just got around to shipping its HDX 4000 / 8000 HD video conferencing systems last month, you won’t catch this firm resting on its laurels — oh no. Instead, it’s pushing out an entirely new series in its HD video portfolio, the HDX 7000. This one, which caters to small and medium-sized conference rooms, features 22kHz StereoSurround for “natural voice clarity,” Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) technology, 720p video support, a 16:9 EagleEye HD camera and the ability to adjust bandwidth for content. You’ll also find an RS-232 control port along with DVI, USB 2.0 and a number of audio inputs and outputs. Supposedly, to-be owners can expect the HDX 7002 to land in March for $9,499, while the HDX 7001 (SD version) lures in the bargain hunters at $7,999

via [Engadget]




One response

11 03 2008

It’s really incredible how easy it is to stay in touch these days.

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