Revolabs Announces Fusion Wireless Microphone System

3 04 2008


Revolabs, today announced Fusion™, its newest all-in-one wireless microphone system, designed for use in small conference rooms around the world. The new product combines all of the necessary electronics in one small package so that the set-up and use of the Revolabs wireless microphones is extremely simple. Previously, the technology required several pieces of rack-mounted equipment.
Revolabs Fusion System comes in a compact, good-looking enclosure that is pre-programmed with all of the software necessary to function immediately. Users simply plug Fusion into a power outlet, plug a cable into a phone line or a video-conferencing system and begin using the wireless microphones. The product supports both the regular Revolabs Solo Wireless Microphones as well as the Revolabs RF-Armor™ Wireless Microphones which are impervious to Radio Frequency (RF) interference.
“We are excited to release Fusion into the marketplace,” said Marty Bodley, Revolabs, president and CEO. “The new product is a result of years of research and development and allows users the luxury of a truly plug-and-play system in one small package that delivers exceptional audio quality, unmatched flexibility and great value when compared to other microphone solutions. Fusion will revolutionize the microphone market, because it’s easy to install and easy to use. For the first time, end users will be able to purchase a sophisticated system like Fusion and have it up and running instantly.”
Because Fusion is plug-and-play, there is a much lower cost-of-ownership. The new Fusion solution fits well in small conference rooms that are used for audio-and video-conferencing. Most of the previous Revolabs Wireless Microphone products were designed for and installed in large corporate conference and board rooms.
The Fusion Wireless Microphone System brings all of the benefits of the Solo Wireless Microphones into smaller conference rooms, including secure, rechargeable, and flexible microphones. Security is paramount for most of Revolabs’ customers including those in the medical profession bound by HIPAA-compliance regulations and for companies using audio/video-conferencing to discuss confidential information. Revolabs Solo Wireless Microphones are some of the most secure in the industry.
The Solo Wireless Microphones are also equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides eight hours of talk time after each full charge. The microphones charge when they are in the charger base that ships with each system, or by using the various charger accessories. The Wireless Microphones recharge to 85 percent capacity in approximately 45 minutes
Revolabs MaxFlex™ technology allows the Solo Wireless Microphones to be interchangeable and seamless for multiple applications. The Fusion system comes in an eight and a four microphone version, and the end user may choose the combination and the types of wireless microphones desired: wearable, tabletop, or XLR. There are also two packaged systems for out-of-the-box installation — an eight microphone solution consisting of six tabletops and two wearable wireless microphones, and a four microphone Fusion system with three tabletops and one wearable wireless microphone.
Pricing and Information

Revolabs Fusion 4 microphone solution is priced at $4995 and the 8 microphone solution is $6995 (both include the Solo Wireless Microphones). The 8 microphone Fusion system is available immediately from certified partners in North America, with worldwide distribution to follow.

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