ViewSonic debuts WPG-350 for WiFi video streaming, PJD2121 for portable SVGA projecting

28 08 2009

viewsonic-pjd2121-and-bridge-rm-eng-600Don’t let your instinctual attraction to glossy items fool you. While the PJD2121 pico projector on the right is certainly the shiniest, it’s ViewSonic’s WPG-350 wireless gateway that we’re digging the most. Assuming you’ve pre-installed the appropriate software onto the pertinent Windows / OS X machine, connect the bridge to a VGA display of some sort, and stream all the 1024 x 768 presentation content you want over 802.11b/g/n WiFi. Sure, it’s not HD, but at $199, it’s not the worst value, either, and it’s still half-lustrous on the top. Looking back at the projector, the little DLP shiner boasts 800 x 600 output, 400 lumens, and a 1,800:1 contrast ratio. A $499 price tag definitely undercuts the Samsung offering we saw yesterday, but it’s still way pricey for SVGA.

via Engadet




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31 08 2009
Wifi Technology

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