Japanese company field-tests 145-inch, $430,000 flexible display

6 09 2009


Japan-based Shinoda Display has begun field-testing very large, thin and bendable display [JP, PDF]at Tokyo Station. The 145-inch display is based on the company’s proprietary Plasma Tube Array (PTA) technology. It’s just 0.9mm thick and consists of six film panels that are bendable, which means they fit on curved surfaces.

Technically, those PTA displays are similar to  plasma panels, but are made by using film electrodes and an array of glass tubes. The 145-inch monster display consumes up to 1,000W of electricity, weighs 180kg and shows content such as ads, clips and web sites. Too bad the speakers to the left and right look a little awkward.

Shinoda uses almost the same 145-inch display it unveiled to the general public back in May. But the field test, which lasts through September 4, marks the first time the company explores the device’s usability and acceptance. And you can actually buy the display: It’s yours for $430,000

via [crunchgear]




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