Elliptic Labs returns with more red hot touchless UI action

9 09 2009


Elliptic Labs is back on the scene with another demo of its touchless UI. This time ’round the company’s teamed up with Opera and presents us with a much more polished affair, not to mention a couple technical details. According to CEO Stian Aldrin, the device is based on ultrasound, tracks the hand itself (no reflector or sensor necessary), has a range of one foot, and has been designed to be either embedded in any electronic device (including a cellphone) or to connect to devices via USB. The company’s current demo shows the technology being used to flip through photos in an Opera widget. Sure, a couple simple one-gesture commands isn’t exactly “pulling all the stops,” as far as a proof-of-concept goes, but we’re looking forward to seeing what this company comes up with in the future.

via [engadget]




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