10 09 2009


Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a Vitec Group brand, is bringing its latest innovations in digital wireless intercom technology to PLASA 2009 (Stand 1-J35). On tap at the show will be the newly released FreeSpeak® Version 2.0 and Tempest®2400, two groundbreaking wireless offerings aimed at ensuring that when it comes to communications for live performance and other mission-critical productions, users never have to compromise on intercom audio quality, reliability and accessibility.

FreeSpeak V2.0─1.9GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

FreeSpeak V2.0 combines full-duplex beltpack communications, antenna-to-antenna roaming and low latency to give users immediate access to reliable, quality communications whenever they need it. In the fast-paced world of live production, an intercom audio delay of even one second or the inability of one staff person to relay an important directive to another can lead to missed cues, miscommunications between key staff and other major lapses. FreeSpeak’s low audio latency and full-duplex, non-blocking system architecture, which allows any beltpack user to talk with any other user on the system at any time, guards against gaffes caused by poor communications.

Other features of the license-free FreeSpeak Version 2.0 include enhanced beltpack capacity, Interrupted Foldback (IFB) functionality and improved group operations between beltpacks, party-lines and other external inputs. The system supports the ability of up to 20 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas. The integrated IFB capability allows users to listen to audio feeds, while others can interrupt the feed at any point. Furthermore, wireless party-line groups make it possible to seamlessly mix party-line users, external inputs and beltpack users in the same group without having different output volume levels.

Tempest2400─2.4GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

The Tempest2400, meanwhile, operates worldwide in the 2.4GHz license-free frequency band, where it is fundamentally immune to inference from other wireless devices, ensuring that communications go off without a hitch at concerts, theatrical productions and other crowded RF environments. Each Tempest base station supports up to five full-duplex, four audio-channel digital wireless beltpacks; by stacking up to 10 base stations together, 50 independent, full-duplex wireless beltpacks can operate together in a single system. The iSelect Roaming feature allows the beltpack user to move from one studio to the next and quickly switch to a different base station in the new studio. It also boasts one of the longest beltpack-to-base station distances currently available, and features microphone kill and stage announce capabilities. It can interoperate with other Clear-Com intercom systems through four-wire and two-wire connections, as well as those from other manufacturers.

Tempest incorporates advanced technologies such as patented Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and proprietary Redundant Data Transmission to help maintain a robust, reliable RF link even in the presence of many other wireless devices utilizing the same frequency band. Its unique RF architecture allows the system to co-exist alongside Wi-Fi networks with little interference, while an extremely high audio dynamics range (>94dB) enables it to function exceptionally well in high-noise environments.

The T-Desk software, a powerful PC-based control and configuration application, offers the ability to monitor and manage the entire wireless system from a remote location via Ethernet connection to a LAN.

“At PLASA this year, our goal is to present practical solutions to the common communication issues faced by those working in live production and similar environments,” says Stephen Sandford, Product Manager, Clear-Com Communications. “The FreeSpeak Version 2.0 and Tempest2400 digital wireless intercom systems are ideal for this type of strategy, as they have been designed from the ground up to handle RF interference issues, accessibility concerns, outdoor performance challenges and other experiences typically encountered in the field. We’re proud to be able to offer not just one, but two digital wireless intercom systems that truly help our customers maximize the value of their production workflow.”

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