JVC trying for the thinnest with a 1 inch thick 32″ LCD

11 09 2009


We’re not quite sure why HDTV manufacturers feel the need to go keep going thinner, but that hasn’t stopped them yet. JVC’s new 32-inch LCD, the LT-32WX50, is just a quarter of an inch thick at its slimmest point; the screen only bevels out toward the bottom because of the thickness of the inputs. Here’s a quick glance at its feature set.

Key features of the JVC LT-32WX50:

  • Edge-lit LED backlighting
  • 4000:1 quoted contrast ratio
  • Wide color gamut–100% percent of sRGB and 90% of Adobe RGB
  • Two HDMI inputs
  • VGA-style PC input
  • RS-232 port for custom installations
  • Available in November | $3,000 list price


JVC is positioning this product as an “LCD monitor for home theater use,” but we’re having trouble figuring out why anyone would opt for this display over, say, a 50-inch Panasonic TC-P50V10(street price under $2,000). Another strike against the LT-32WX50 is its use of edge-lit LED backlighting, which we’ve found it a step behind both local dimming LED backlighting and plasma displays for home theater use. Of course we’d have to do a hands-on review with the LT-32WX50 to see if it’s worth the price premium, but $3,000 is a lot of money for a 32-inch LCD, no matter how well it performs.

via [cnet]




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