Even more CobraNet Input Card from AudioScience

14 09 2009


AudioScience was asked, and AudioScience listened!

The ASI6316, a PCI Express CobraNet sound card with dual RJ45 connectors, was on the drawing board when several customers approached AudioScience requesting specific additions to the ASI6416, AudioScience’s first CobraNet sound card. Those requests for the ASI6416 made it into the ASI6316.

“Our customers were in the right place at the right time,” said Richard Gross, president of AudioScience. “We incorporated some very key features into the ASI6316, allowing for even greater flexibility in a diverse field of installations. The ASI6316 was built with direct input from our customers.”

Besides having a PCI Express and dual redundant CobraNet interfaces, there is support for up to eight ASI6316s in one system. With new Intercard Sync, one can start or stop audio across multiple ASI6316s with one sample accuracy. A programmable selection of either word clock input or word clock output has been added, along with a serial bridge that is exposed as an internal USB header.

“We appreciate the feedback we get from our customers and the ASI6316 is proof that ASI does listen,’ added Gross.

Drivers are provided for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista, as well as for Linux. 64-bit drivers are available for Windows Vista and Linux. AudioScience’s application, ASIControl, allows CobraNet routing connections to be made between the ASI6316 and any other CobraNet compliant device on the network. SDKs are available for Windows and Linux using either standard APIs such as DirectSound or ALSA, or the proprietary AudioScience HPI and ASX interfaces.

via [press release]

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