Epson concocts world’s first 4K HTPS panel, 4K 3LCD projectors closer to reality

15 11 2009


Oh, the beauty of progress. Just a few months back, Epson seemed fairly content showing off an HTPS panel with a WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution, though today that very product just seems lackluster. Up until now, 4K x 2K projectors were reserved strictly for cinemas, businesses and consumers with a) more money than sense and b) room for a 200-pound beamer in their basement. The planet’s first 4K-compatible high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panel for 3LCD projectors measures just 1.64-inches and supports displays with resolutions as high as 4,096 x 2,160. Your guess is as good as ours as to when this stuff will actually hit the market in a functioning product, but yesterday is as good a day as any to start saving up.


Sony’s new ultra high resolution SRX T420 4K SXED projector with 8.8 million pixels

7 11 2009


Sony has expanded its line of ultra-high-resolution 4K SXRD projectors with a new model that provides 8.8 million pixels at more than 20,000 lumens—the highest brightness to date of any Sony projector. The new SRX-T420 projector is designed to deliver enhanced performance and flexibility in large-venue commercial applications such as entertainment, auditorium/lecture-hall presentations, virtual reality, and simulation. The new model incorporates the same 4096×2160 resolution as its successful SXRD counterparts with many similar design and control elements for user-friendliness. However, in addition to its high brightness, it delivers an enhanced contrast ratio of 3000:1, as well as a range of new improvements in performance, interface capability, control software, and installation capabilities. MSRP: N/ASony

Hitachi’s New 3000 Lumen Super Short Focus 3LCD Projector

24 10 2009


Introduced in Japan at CEATEC 2009, here’s Hitachi’s latest super short focus 3LCD video projector, the CP-A200J.

Thanks to its newly develop design, the CP-A200J projects a 80” worth image just 63cm away from it source while offering a bright image (3000 Lumen). While there is no price yet available, Hitachi is planning on releasing this baby December 1st in Japan.

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Sanyo releases $50,000 projector with 12,000 lumens brightness

20 10 2009


Sanyo has rolled out a number of projectors in the past months, but brightness-wise, their new LP-XF1000[press release in English] beats them all. The dual lamp projector boasts not less than 12,000 lumens, made possible by two 330W lamps. Needless to say, this is the industry’s highest brightness (in an AC 100V device).


The projector features a contrast ration of 4,000:1 and produces images with 1024×768 resolution. It’s equipped with Sanyo’s proprietary QuaDrive technology for better color quality in images.


The LP-XF1000 goes on sale on December 18 in Japan and costs $45,000. Sanyo plans to produce 150 units monthly.

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Is changing the aspect ratio of your projector illegal?

17 10 2009


You know how sometimes you turn on the TV, and it’s still on 16:9 mode, but you’re just watching the news? And the people are all kinda squashed, but you don’t feel like picking the remote up and hitting the picture mode button? Yes? So, sir, you are confessing that you willfully modified the original copyrighted image, without the consent of the creator. It’s a good thing you weren’t running a for-profit business or I might have to charge you. Move along now, and don’t let me catch you again.

Seriously, that appears to be the case according to the manual for a projector, which warns against using the aspect ratio button if using the projector in any commercial circumstances. After all, if the original content is 4:3 and you show it in 16:9, you are technically modifying the work. There is some kind of logic there, but it’s kind of like a warning on a mask that it may be illegal to use this mask during a bank robbery. Technically they’re correct, but that’s not really the point.

I don’t want to get into a discussion of the definition of fair use, since that’s not really the issue here. I’m not even sure what the issue really is. All I know is that when you’ve got a warning to this effect, something’s gone seriously wrong somewhere along the line.

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Awesome Digital Wallpaper

30 09 2009


I do not normally put lighting into this blog but this was to much to pass up…..and it had an AV twist…..

No LEDs were harmed in the creation of this digital wallpaper for the offices of Hirzberger Events in Vienna. Only projectors were used to illuminate the static black and white stripe wallpaper and make it appear alive. Absolutely stunning.

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Yet another Pico Projector – this time from AAX Technologies – The P2

15 09 2009


Where are they all coming from……is Optoma’s PK102 not swank enough for you? Fret not, as AAXA Technologies is also shipping its second-generation pico projector. The stupendously simplistic P2 packs an LCoS chip, 33 lumens of output, an 800 x 600 native resolution and the ability to throw up your favorite Xbox / Atari / C64 title at up to 80-inches. There’s also a VGA output and a few on-device buttons, and if that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can call one your own for $339.

Do we really need these?

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