NASA creates hyperwall-2, the world’s highest resolution visualization system

28 06 2008

Leave it to space nerds with money to come up with the world’s highest resolution visualization system. NASA‘s Advanced Supercomputing Division at Ames has created the 128-screen hyperwall-2, a mega display capable of rendering one quarter billion pixels. Hyperwall-2 measures 23- x 10-feet of LCD goodness, and is powered by 128 GPUs and 1,024 processor cores with 74 teraflops of peak processing power. To top things off, 475 terabytes of storage keep the system rolling. All in all, hyperwall-2 has more than 100 times the processing power of its poor predecessor, hyperwall, from 2002. The elder hyperwall was unavailable for comment and is most likely on an alcoholic bender somewhere, complaining about “kids these days.”

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Infocomm 2008: Panasonic reveals new DLP projectors: 12,000 lumens and pixels galore

20 06 2008

Hmmph. Outside of Samsung’s blisteringly hot SP-A800B, we’re fairly certain Panasonic’s latest duo are the most impressive at InfoComm. Putting those XGA / WXGA units to shame, the PT-DZ12000U packs a drool-worthy WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200) and 12,000 lumens to boot. The PT-D12000U checks in with the same three-chip DLP engine and lumen count, but eases up on the pixels with just 1,400 x 1,050. Furthermore, both units boast a System Daylight View to keep things visible even in well lit rooms, and the built-in Ethernet port enables remote monitoring and control through a web browser. Just one problem with all of this, though: the $69,000 (PT-DZ12000U) / $59,000 (PT-D12000U) price tags.

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World’s largest 3D display revealed in 4D spacetime

6 06 2008
3D displays are flavour of the day……but will we ever see them in production!
Ooo, ahhh, you feeling that 3D display on your 2D panel? You should, it’s the world’s largest 3D LCD panel from VMJ measuring in at 65-inches. The stereoscopic panel developed with support from VisuMotion features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 6-ms refresh, 120-degree viewing angle, and DVI and RGB inputs. Best of all, no goofy 3D glasses of any type are required thanks to the incorporation of Sharp’s Parallax Barrier viewing technology. Priced at ¥3.15 million (about $30k) when it starts advertising CosaNostra Pizza around Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong.

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Infocomm 2008: Philips introducing 52-inch 1080p 3D display

6 06 2008

It’s no nightmare — 3D is officially in style. Or it’s succeeding in fooling us, one or the other. Further proof that taking things to the third-dimension is all the rage has arrived courtesy of Philips, who has announced its intentions to reveal a 1080p 52-inch 3D display at InfoComm later this month. The unit will utilize the same WOWvx technology showcased a year prior in its 20-inch display, and will feature 700 cd/m2 brightness, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and an 8-millisecond response time. The auto-stereoscopic display should be “commercially available from Q4 2008 onwards,” but we haven’t a clue how costly it’ll be when it eventually lands.

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5 06 2008


Altinex announce the introduction of the new UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher. Designed to be mounted under a table as part of an integrated audiovisual system, the UT250-101 is an 8×4 VGA computer video and audio matrix switcher that provides easy routing and management of multimedia signals from multiple laptop computers and document cameras via a single, convenient location under a table—making this an invaluable product that greatly enhances productivity in the contemporary corporate boardroom or meeting facility.

The UT250-101 provides eight VGA-UXGA computer video inputs and eight 3.5mm stereo inputs—perfect, for example, for taking the external video monitor feed from multiple laptop computers along with the headphone outputs for accompanying audio signals. Now, multiple participants in a business meeting can “patch in” their laptops and easily route their presentation to a projector or video display without disrupting the continuity of the meeting. The UT250-101’s eight video inputs can be routed to any of four video outputs via a built in 16 button controller or using RS-232 control. The audio inputs accept both left- and right-channel signals, and then combine them to create a single balanced mono audio signal.

Signal switching is accomplished via an RS-232 port (by means of the Altinex MultiTouch™ touch screen panels, for example) or through the input select “Show me” button controller built into the UT250-101. The UT250-101’s output select controls are designed for use with momentary switches having built-in LEDs. Any input can be switched to either or both of the matrix switcher’s dual outputs. The UT250-101’s LEDs show which connections are selected—making it easy to visually determine routing configurations.

In addition to standard video and audio outputs, the new Altinex UT250-101 also has four integrated Twisted Pair (4TP) transmitters for transmitting the video and audio signals over long distances to remote multimedia presentation systems. This carries the advantage of using CAT5 cable for those long runs as opposed to VGA cable—thus easing the process of running lines through walls and conduit while also simplifying the cable’s termination (RJ45 as opposed to the larger 15-pin HD).The four Twisted Pair outputs can transmit video and audio signals to all Altinex Twisted Pair receivers.

The latest generation of Twisted Pair devices uses an innovative, patented technology (US Patent 7,065,190) developed by Altinex. The new signal processing technology enables the transmission and reception of fully equalized computer video and audio signals over long distances.

Altinex President and CEO Jack Gershfeld commented on the company’s new UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher. “The new UT250-101 is a compact 8×4 matrix switcher that dramatically simplifies the patching of notebook computers and document cameras to display systems for effective presentations without disrupting the flow of a meeting. With available “Show Me” buttons, it’s easy to route a particular input to the desired output—making the switching of sources extremely convenient. Additionally, the UT250-101 can be controlled via RS-232, so it’s just as easy to configure one of our MultiTouch touch screen panels for even more intuitive system control. I believe business professionals will find the UT250-101’s ability to streamline the process of controlling multiple inputs a welcome addition to the boardroom.”
The new Altinex UT250-101 Under Table Matrix Switcher carries a MSRP of $2,495. The unit is expected to be available in July

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Infocomm 2008: TV One Announces the Arrival of v1.3 HDMI Professional Grade Switchers and Distribution Amplifiers

5 06 2008


The TVOne-task product line grows again with the addition of six new v1.3 HDMI products to its inventory consisting of two Switchers and four Distribution Amplifiers. These are not ordinary units, but are the first products designed expressly for the demanding professional market. Features like front panel status indication of input signal presence and HDCP presence, accommodation of HDMI cables with locking connectors, RS-232 control of the switchers, optional rackmount kits, separate audio and advanced EDID handling set these units apart from the field.

The 1T-SX-632 switches between two inputs and the 1T-SX-634 switches up to four inputs. They include built in Signal Enhancement to enable long cable runs that turned off when not required. Both models can be controlled via the front panel buttons, the included Infrared Remote Control or the standard RS-232 interface.

The new Distribution Amplifiers consist of the 1T-DA-652, which distributes two signals, the 1T-DA-654 which distributes four signals, 1T-DA-664 which distributes four signals with separate audio distribution via integral analog stereo and S/PDIF coaxial audio and the 1T-DA-658 which distributes eight signals. All models maintain the signal components present within the encoded signal and are version 1.3 compliant. Outputs can be cascaded for greater versatility.

All units employ cutting-age technology that supports Deep Color (10-bit and12-bit) video plus new, lossless Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio digital audio. In addition, they exhibit high bandwidth (up to 225MHz – 2.25Gbps) and provide signal amplification and equalization for high performance processing of audio and video. All units come with a built in Signal Enhancement feature for longer cable runs of up to 35m (115ft) from source to display.
HDTV resolutions of 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p are supported, plus SDTV resolutions of 480i and 576i and PC resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. These units are also fully HDCP compliant and DVI compatible when used in conjunction with DVI to HDMI cable adapters. Provisions are made for securing locking type HDMI connectors as well as standard HDMI connectors. The units are housed in rugged metal cases and optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kits are available. They are available for immediate shipment.


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Infocomm 2008: Tripp Lite Introduces New Space-Saving Rackmount Console With an Installed Depth of Just 19 Inches

5 06 2008


Tripp Lite has introduced a new Rackmount Console designed for small portable racks and similar installations. The B021-000-19-SH Rackmount Console provides a complete network control solution in a 1U rackmountable pull-out housing with an installed depth of only 19 inches. This makes the B021-000-19-SH ideal for applications where standard consoles won’t fit, such as ambulances and other emergency vehicles with built-in racks.
The B021-000-19-SH Rackmount Console features an integrated 19-in. LCD screen, keyboard and touch pad, and is compatible with USB and PS/2 servers or KVM switches. The LCD supports resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels. Rack installation is quick and easy with included mounting hardware, and no special software is required to integrate the console with servers or KVM switches.
“Conservation of precious rack space is an important consideration in both the IT environment and in mobile applications,” said David Posner, Tripp Lite’s Director of Product Marketing for Connectivity Products. “The B021-000-19-SH Rackmount Console provides IT managers with a space-saving alternative to standard-depth consoles. And best of all, it does this without sacrificing functionality.”
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