Fully automated restaurant opens in Germany

31 08 2007

Hate interacting with humans? Well then we’ve got the restaurant for you, located in Nuremberg, Germany. The restaurant, called Bagger’s, eschews waiters and waitresses for gravity operated ramps that sends food directly to tables. Customers order on touch screens, swipe their cards on built in readers, and wait for their food with a read-out that shows when the food is expected to be delivered. So, get ready to yell at your ordinateur when your fries are late. “Garcon!” ain’t gonna cut it in this restaurant.

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Samsung’s SP-A800B 1080p DLP projector sure is curvy

31 08 2007

Samsung knows a thing or two about working a trade show. IFA’s no different. Meet the spacey SP-A800B 1080p (0.95-inch DMD chip from TI) DLP projector on the loose in Berlin. It features a 24fps film mode and a 2,000-hour, 300W lamp which throws 1,000 lumens at a 10,000:1 rated contrast at a relatively noisy 25dB. Around back you’ll find 2x HDMI, RGB for your PC, 2x component, S-Video, and RS-232. Sorry, no prices or expected date for availability.

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Pacemaker DJing system gets demonstrated on video

31 08 2007

Just months after catching wind of the Pacemaker handheld DJ system, the (lucky) folks over at Digital-Lifestyles managed to get their hands on a prototype unit and spend a few quality moments perusing its features. Interestingly, their unit did indeed sport a color display, but still retained the 120GB hard drive that was previously expected. ‘Course, you’re already well aware of what this thing can potentially do for you, so without further ado, be sure and check out the hands-on videos waiting after the break.

Update: Aaaand we have a price. €520, about $700 US, shipping in December.

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Philips launches Aurea LCDs, with next-gen Ambilight

31 08 2007

Right on schedule, Philips has unveiled its new wave of Ambilight-powered television: Aurea. Sure, it’s not as sexy when you call it by its 42PFL9900D model number, but the 42-inch 1080p LCD is sure to turn heads either way. Under the hood Philips has 100Hz refresh, “invisible speakers” and even a trio of HDMI inputs. The new Ambilight Spectra tech uses 126 LEDs and shoots light through the “Active Frame” for a more extensive Ambilight experience. The displays will be available next month, but there’s still no word on price.

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Philips 132″ 2D and 3D “WOW” Wall

31 08 2007


Just when we were starting to think Vista had complete ownership of the term “wow” in the tech industry, along comes Philips with its WOWzone 3D wall, a 132-inch multi-panel glasses-free system designed for promotional display of high def 2D and 3D content. It’ll be out in Q1 of next year, so don’t worry, you’ve got a few more months left before your mind is like, totally blown, man.

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Crestron Unveils High-Definition Digital Video Processor

23 08 2007

Crestron’s DVPHD-PRO High-Definition Digital Video Processor Displays Flexibility and Innovation

Crestron introduces its new DVPHD-PRO high-definition digital video processor. The DVPHD accepts up to eight source signals and displays them in up to eight scalable video windows simultaneously. Featuring input and output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 for RGB and DVI signals, and supports 1080i and 1080p HDTV, the DVPHD-PRO is perfect for Network Operation Centers, Command and Control Centers, large entertainment venues and home theater. The DVPHD-PRO also handles HDMI with external adaptors. The DVPHD-PRO is available in several models including multiple output versions for video wall applications.

The DVPHD-PRO offers the best value in the industry delivering the lowest cost per channel among digital video processors. True 10-bit video processing and the latest generation of high-definition scaling and de-interlacing ensures the highest quality video images. The DVPHD-PRO also provides the same vibrant and extensive graphics capabilities featured in the latest Crestron touchpanels, such as 24-bit color, dynamic graphics, dynamic text, full-motion animation and translucent objects. Dynamic text displays customized labels to automatically identify cameras, locations or sources. Further enhancing the aesthetic of professional presentations, the DVPHD-PRO features dynamic transitions such as wipes and image swapping.

Offering stand-alone capabilities and out-of-the-box functionality, the DVPHD-PRO does not require an external control system for configuration or operation. Daily operation and system set-up may be achieved directly from the front panel LCD or using built-in web pages displayed on any computer.

The DVPHD-PRO also features sophisticated sync sensing capabilities. The DVPHD-PRO can not only detect the presence of a sync signal and automatically display the source, but it can also identify the type of video signal and dynamically scale the signal to the appropriate resolution. The high-performance digital video scalers and de-interlacers ensure optimal, seamless presentation displays.

For enhanced control, the built-in touchpanel interface (TPI) can transform any third-party touch screen into a full-featured Crestron Isys® touchpanel including annotation functionality. Native TPI and annotation capabilities significantly improve communication and collaboration by enabling presenters to use just a fingertip to write or draw on the display or over video signals.

Sharp again…..With the World’s Thinest LCD

22 08 2007

presen_image.jpgSharp unveiled a 20mm thick 52-inch LCD tv. It is the world’s thinnest and lightest LCD coming in at only 55lbs. Unfortunately the model won’t go into production until 2010.