Just Power up and Present with Wireless Projector Server

16 09 2007

Wireless VGA Protector Server eliminates the need for swapping cables


Stockton-on-Tees, UK (13th September 2007) – LINDY Electronics launched today its Wireless VGA Projector Server that enables users to easily network a projector or display monitor. Ideal for business meetings, presentations and seminars, the server allows the presenter to easily connect their computer to the projector via a wireless LAN.

The LINDY Wireless VGA Projector Server eliminates the need to swap VGA Cables between computers, which not only minimises delays when presenters change over, it also disposes the need for long cable runs to and from the projector. This allows for the projector to be placed more easily in an out of the way location, such as a ceiling. The server is especially suitable for multimedia presentations, as its advanced design supports both audio and streaming media.

“Setting up in between presentations can cause unnecessary delays, which is particularly inconvenient when the day is being run to tight schedule such as in schools. Networking the projector over a wireless LAN makes changing over computers simple and quick, enabling presenters to keep the momentum of the day’s activities going,” comments Andrew Ingram, Product Manager of LINDY Electronics.

A ‘Conference Control’ function lets up to 20 users to log in to the server at the same time, whilst an easy to use browser interface allows control to pass between the users. The Wireless VGA Projector Server also supports an Ethernet connection.

Technical Specification:

• Supports audio and MPEG 1,2 & 4 for video playback and multimedia presentations
• Supports display resolutions of up to 1024 x 768 and 32 Bit colour
• IEEE802.11g (DSSS) 2.4GHz wireless connection (54Mbps)
• 10/100Base-TX RJ-45 interface
• Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 38mm (WxDxH)
• Compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Vista

The LINDY Wireless Projector Server, part no 32499 is available now, RRP £299.00.


Epson’s Dreamio series of 3LCD projectors give us plastic vertigo

5 09 2007

It’s not much to see… ah hell, it downright hurts to look at, but this 3LCD projector swivels 180-degrees and includes a DVD player so that’s gotta count for something right? Right!? That heaving box of white slabbery is Epson’s EMP-TWD10 Dreamio 3LCD projector. We’ll run down the specs, quick-like so you can look away: 1,200 lumens, 1,000:1 rated contrast ratio, 720p resolution, 140W E-TORL lamp, 2x 10W speakers, 1.2a HDMI and 28dB operational noise.

Philips announces new TiVo-like DVRs at IFA

5 09 2007

Word on the street is that Philips has decided to dip its collective toes into the DVR world with a new line of products that appear, at least ostensibly, to compete with TiVo. Like the “TiVo Suggestions” feature that the recorder-company offers, Philips’ new devices tout user preference tracking, which will “learn” different user’s likes and dislikes, and create custom sets of programming geared towards those tastes. The new line will also be able to access and download YouTube and other internet video, as well as podcast content. Advertising on the new boxes will also follow user’s watching habits, thus ensuring a steady flow of laser-targeted ads beamed directly at your face. Apparently the new products will begin their lifecycle as software for PCs, but will eventually become set-top boxes for the living room. What’s really interesting here is that Philips used to manufacture TiVo hardware, which increases the chances of cross-pollination (and lawsuits) oh… about tenfold.