Liberty Wire & Cable Offers ‘Green Market’-Friendly Halogen-Free Cables

23 03 2008

Global Supplier Leads Industry in Products Complying with Spreading ‘Low Smoke, Zero Halogen’ Standards for Safer Insulation Materials
Liberty Wire & Cable, worldwide supplier of a broad and expanding range of wire and cable products for the audio/video trade, offers a wide selection of environmentally friendly Halogen-Free wire and cable products. The products comply with spreading Green Market requirements for eliminating potentially dangerous chemicals from common insulation materials like PVC. When burned, the chemicals produce heavy smoke, corrosive gases and hazardous fumes.
Liberty’s Halogen-Free wire and cable products also comply with spreading legislation requiring the use of so-called Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) materials, and reflect the company’s role as a leader in the manufacture of socially responsible, environmentally friendly products.
y governments, particularly in Europe and Japan, are considering LSZH legislation requiring the elimination of halogen as well as chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine. All are present in the PVC compounds widely used for more than half a century as insulation for wire and cable products.
While PVC has many valuable qualities, it also releases corrosive gases and hazardous fumes when burned. This can create dangerous situations even in otherwise minor fires. As a result, Liberty is increasingly replacing PVC with Halogen-Free insulation that complies with LSZH requirements by minimizing toxic smoke and fumes, and eliminating corrosive gases.
In other areas as well, Liberty has demonstrated its industry-leading commitment to manufacturng environmentally friendly, socially responsible products. More than 90 percent of Liberty’s 6,000-plus products, for example, already also comply with the Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, a major initiative that mandates reductions in lead and five other harmful chemicals.


Pioneer isn’t abandoning Kuro plasma, expects same-quality panels from Matsushita

20 03 2008

If you’re all broken up about Pioneer’s seeming exit of the plasma business, take heart. Pioneer Executive Vice President Russ Johnston claims Pioneer’s plans aren’t to abandon Kuro-quality plasma displays in any way. The move to an outside manufacturer (Matsushita, parent company of Panasonic) is designed to cut cost in plasma production, but Pioneer still plans to maintain its premium edge over competitors. “The number-one goal is to make sure we can maintain our differentiation,” said Russ, “and specifically our Kuro difference in the marketplace.” Apparently Pioneer will be still be responsible for the video circuit and processing, the color filter strategy and other such secret sauce, and the company is confident Matsushita can step up to the Pioneer level of panel production — even if it might involve sharing a few trade secrets along the way. Apparently Matsushita is slated to start providing the modules by 2009.

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Minority Report-like interface gets demoed at CeBIT

20 03 2008

It’s far from the first Minority Report-like interface to make the rounds, but that doesn’t seem to have prevented the massive setup pictured above from drawing a crowd at CeBIT, which one attendee thankfully captured on video. As you can see for yourself after the break, the rig lets you do all the usual moving, flipping and resizing, without the need for pesky gloves or silly headgear. Needless to say, there’s no indication as to where this particular bit of technology is headed next, but it seems safe to assume that it’ll become a fixture of trade shows for years to come.
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Sanyo’s LP-XW60 LCD projector claims be to industry’s “smallest and lightest”

20 03 2008

Sanyo_LP-XW60.jpg Sanyo announces a new ultra portable office-use projector, the LP-XW60, the industry’s smallest and lightest LCD projector available to date.  (This needs to be verified)   The small and lightweight projector has been designed for widespread use by that on-the-go such as traveling businessmen, as well as in business offices and classrooms. The new Sanyo LP-XW60 LCD projector is packed full with features such as automatic keystone correction, automatic input signal detection, an adjustable color mode depending on projection surface color, and an easy-off function allowing users to pull the plug and store the projector without having to wait for a cool-down cycle.

HP expands telepresence offerings with Halo Collaboration Center

20 03 2008

Although we’ve got a special place in our hearts for Cisco’s 1080p-lovin’ TelePresence Meeting system, HP’s own Halo Collaboration Center ain’t too shabby. Announced today as the newest member of its expanding Halo platform, the aforementioned center comes in two- and four-seat iterations and prides itself on being simple to install in a plethora of locations. Additionally, each unit is designed to “operate seamlessly with existing Halo products,” and just in case you were hoping to have work follow you all the way back to the hotel, HP also announced that it’s teaming up with Marriott International to install Halo Meeting Rooms in select facilities. Now, figure out how to actually get a Halo 3 deathmatch going on these things and their value increases astronomically.

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Ewgeco energy monitor aims to curb your consumption habits

20 03 2008

It’s far from the first energy monitor we’ve seen, but this new so-called Ewgeco device does look to be one of the more sophisticated offerings so far, with it not only promising to keep tabs on your electricity use, but your water and gas consumption as well. That’s apparently done with the aid of sensors that wirelessly transfer readings to the main device, which translates the information into easy to read bars that light up green, red, or amber depending on your level of consumption. Unfortunately, the device is only being sold to businesses at the moment, and it’s not exactly plug-and-play either, with one of the company engineers required to install it, and a week needed for the Ewgeco to get used to your normal usage patterns.

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Arthur C. Clarke, inventor of satellite, visionary in technology, dead at 90

20 03 2008


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Today is a very sad day in our little world. It’s been reported that Arthur C. Clarke, among the most influential visionaries in technology and a personal hero of the Techlogique Team, has died in hospital care at the age of 90. Along with his many written works (such as the infamous and immeasurably influential 2001: A Space Odyssey), Clarke was possibly best known for conceptualizing the geostationary communications satellite — clearly one of the most important technological innovations in history.

Arthur, you’ll be dearly missed