Infocomm 2007 – Smart releases Bridget 3.2 conferencing software

26 06 2007


SMART announces the release of Bridgit™ conferencing software 3.2 for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS operating systems. The latest version adds improved Voice over IP (VoIP) to Web conferencing applications, chat features, support for more users and enhanced support for the Mac operating system. Bridgit conferencing software 3.2 allows users to connect instantly and share voice, video and data over the Internet in real time. Version 3.2 allows teachers and business professionals to connect through any Internet browser without having to install the software. Bridgit software continues to offer the benefits of easy, secure, cost-effective conferencing for corporate meetings and distance education, eliminating travel time and costs.

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Version 3.2 has refined the VoIP audio quality that will provide further support for teachers and students or business associates who are separated by long distances. A new chat feature now allows all participants to communicate while in the Bridgit software Web conferencing session. Bridgit software 3.2 enables users to connect simultaneously, share desktop and webcam images, and write notes in digital ink for everyone to see. Corporate customers who occasionally use Bridgit software in meeting rooms find it easy to use. With the click of a mouse, they can connect with other parties around the world. Bridgit software is also invaluable in a long distance education environment because students and teachers can connect using their SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard and Sympodium™ interactive pen displays.

“Our school division is focused on creating powerful distance learning environments for our students. Bridgit software, used in conjunction with SMART Board interactive whiteboards, effectively enables our videoconference teachers and students to share ideas and manipulate data at a distance,” says Bruce Miller, technology integration coordinator for Wolf Creek Public Schools. “Bridgit software is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that improves the quality of synchronous instruction in our videoconference course delivery.”

“Bridgit conferencing software provides an easy, secure and inexpensive way to communicate and share information around the world,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “Version 3.2 gives customers improved VoIP and chat, providing them with additional functionality and an enhanced Web conferencing experience.”


Infocomm 2007 – Arrive arrives……..bring advanced ITC/AV Software Solutions

26 06 2007

Arrive(TM) Corp., the leading provider of easy-to-use ICT/AV convergence solutions, today announced it will offer its highly advanced and proven suite of presentation meeting room management products in North America. The company made the announcement today at InfoComm 2007, the industry’s premier conference and exhibition for the AV Communications Industry.


Based in Dubai, Arrive is part of the transnational Visionaire Groupand brings to market more than 100 years of combined experience and knowledge equity vested in Information-Communication Technology (ICT) and Audio-Video Systems engineering, design and integration. The company has established affiliations and operations in more than 30 countries in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim and has an enviable customer list comprised of leading technology companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Juniper Networks, Cisco, Nokia, Sony, Computer Associates as well as leading financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, American Express, UBS Group, Northern Trust Bank, Sumitomo Bank, and leading educational institutions such as the extended campuses of Wharton and Kellogg Business Schools, to name a few.


In line with its debut in North America, Arrive announced two new presentation room management offerings: Arrive Easy Conference(TM), designed for the enterprise and government market and Arrive Campus Manager(TM) for universities, colleges and schools (see release “Arrive Launches Advanced Presentation Room Management Solutions…” issued today).

Both products are a suite of presentation room network management tools adapted for specific use within enterprise and education markets.

Like many other companies located in Dubai and the surrounding United Arab Emirate (UAE), Arrive represents a new breed of company that has a strong focus on human capital development and invests heavily in the creation of innovative practices, technology, infrastructure and business markets and capital. This sophistication and market prowess are enabling companies, like Arrive, to capitalize upon their strengths and enter new markets, like the U.S. and Canada, with relative ease and quickly establish an immediate presence.

“Through our systems integration experience deploying some of the most sophisticated presentation room technologies, we realized the profound positive impact a single and centralized management platform could have in improving the productivity and value of advanced presentation and conferencing systems,” explained Aseem Gupta, founder, CEO and chief visionary of Arrive Corp. “Having developed both best practices and a truly innovative technology suite for managing the entire presentation room experience, we are excited to now offer this capability within the North American market.”

Long considered an industry visionary within the Middle East AV systems integrator industry, Gupta brings a strong pedigree of knowledge and direct experience in the area of ICT/AV convergence technologies. He is the entrepreneur behind the successful Visionaire Group, which has operations located across Asia and the Middle East with a staff of more than 500 people. His career spans more than 25 years serving as the founding Director of Imation ME, responsible for growing the Visual, Photo, Printing Systems and Data Storage Products Markets Group for 3M Corporation’s EMEA subsidiaries.

Arrive will leverage the current strong relationships it has created in North America with existing customers to quickly build a market presence and expand its network here, Gupta says. The company is planning to open an office on the East Coast initially with further expansion planned over the next year and currently is in process of recruiting solution consultants to help build out its channel in North America.

For more information about Arrive Corp., please visit the company’s Website at

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Infocomm 2007 – Polycom Video Media Centre VMC-1000

26 06 2007

Polycom today announced the Video Media Center™ (VMC) 1000, an appliance-based solution that allows organizations to centrally manage, leverage and protect video content. The VMC 1000 connects dispersed workforces and improves collaboration by seamlessly integrating video content into enterprise communications and conferencing. The new Polycom VMC 1000 is being demonstrated this week at the Infocomm Conference and Expo (Polycom Booth #2000) taking place June 19-21 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.


Polycom’s unified approach allows customers to use all Polycom video endpoints (as well as other standards-based H.323 endpoints) to cost-effectively create video content, including video shot in high definition, which can be streamed live or made available on demand. Used in conjunction with Polycom RSS 2000 recording and streaming server, customers can choose to record point-to-point and multipoint video conferences (including content shared within a call) and automatically store them centrally as well as make them available on demand. Additionally, by using the VMC 1000 in combination with Polycom’s video conferencing solutions a video conference can be extended to include hundreds or thousands of participants.

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Infocomm 2007 – Sneak peek at Polycomm HDX 4000 Executive VC System

26 06 2007

The HDX 4000 high definition exec videoconf system was on display in the Polycom booth. This showstopper includes a 5MP camera, 1680×1050 20” screen, stunning 22kHz sound subsystem, next-generation smart UI and PC connectivity, and unannounced pricing. Expect delivery this year in SD and HD versions.


Infocomm 2007 – Yamaha introduces array VC microphone solution- PJP-300V

25 06 2007




Perhaps the most unusual NEW product (or product concept) we saw at InfoComm was buried at the back of the hall in the Yamaha booth. The company introduced a very high end speakerphone/microphone array a year ago at out Berlin Summit. This is now available in several versions; it has also morphed into the PJP-300V. Think of this as a set top peripheral that serves as an intelligent front end to the codec of your choice (Yamaha has a codec as well). The device contains 16 microphones for outstanding pickup and voice tracking and three cameras that switch according to the active speaker identification.

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This was interesting and would like to see it working in a real situation – technology appears to be similar to Lifesize’s microphone pod.

Infocomm 2007 – Polycom Introduces First Immersive Installed Audio Solution for Voice and Video Conferencing

23 06 2007


Polycom SoundStructure Delivers Breakthrough High Definition Sound Clarity and Full-Stereo Echo Cancellation for More Productive Voice and Video Conferences PLEASANTON, Calif. and ANAHEIM, Calif., June 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Infocomm Expo (Booth #2000) — Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCMNews), the world’s leading provider of unified collaborative communications solutions, today announced the SoundStructure(TM) series, the first installed audio solutions for voice and video conferencing applications that deliver truly immersive sound quality. Leveraging Polycom’s proven technology and market leadership in installed audio solutions, the SoundStructure series are flexible, scalable, and comprehensive systems that deliver state-of-the-art performance and audio processing capabilities with breakthrough sound quality for conference rooms, class rooms, customized meeting rooms, and telepresence environments.

“Great voice quality can dramatically improve the effectiveness of audio and video conferences, and the SoundStructure series delivers a truly immersive experience,” said Paul Waadevig, global director, Conferencing & Collaboration for Frost & Sullivan. “With features like full-stereo echo cancellation and high definition audio, the SoundStructure systems enable customers to communicate over distances as effectively as if they were in the same room.”

“The SoundStructure series significantly raises the bar for installed-room audio systems, giving customers unmatched audio quality and clarity without compromise for their voice and video conferences,” said Craig H. Richardson, vice president and general manager of installed voice solutions at Polycom. “The SoundStructure series with Polycom HD Voice(TM) technology complements our industry-leading high definition HDX(TM) video conferencing solutions to give customers an unequaled experience called Polycom UltimateHD(TM). A SoundStructure system will provide a completely immersive collaboration experience that can’t be implemented with today’s installed audio solutions.”

Unrivaled Immersive Audio Quality and Clarity for Voice and Video Conferences


The SoundStructure series features several breakthroughs in audio performance that make communicating over distances as effective as being in the same room. For example, the SoundStructure series are the first to support high-definition StereoSurround(TM) audio (22kHz) as well as full-stereo echo cancellation. This next-generation echo cancellation technology makes conversations clear by eliminating echoes while maintaining full-stereo separation of the remote talkers’ audio, even when two people are talking at the same time. In addition, new noise cancellation technology eliminates the broadest range of background noises, and a new gain-sharing automatic microphone mixer provides additional flexibility and smoother transitions to ensure robust performance in a variety of operating environments.

Greater Flexibility, Scalability; Simplified Design and Installation

The SoundStructure series are designed for installed room environments and the needs of systems integrators and audio/visual professionals. The comprehensive system features multiple input and output options and submix processing capabilities that simplify installation and provide flexibility for any room configuration. Several design features have been implemented to support integrator needs, including:

    -- 22 kHz stereo acoustic echo cancellation on all input channels
    -- Feedback elimination on all input channels
    -- Advanced ambient noise cancellation on all input channels
    -- Flexible telephony options with single-line and dual-line PSTN plug-in
    -- Seamlessly scales from 8x8 to 128x128, with all inputs available to all
    -- Connection to Polycom HDX systems via a digital signal path
    -- 8, 12 and 16 input/output "C" (conferencing) models, plus a 12-channel
       "SR" (sound reinforcement) model designed for stand-alone sound
       reinforcement applications or as additional audio inputs to a
       conferencing system

New SoundStructure Studio software (Microsoft Windows-based) features advanced signal grouping and labeling, enabling systems integrators and audio/visual professionals to leverage existing design and configuration work during future installations. Complete offline emulation of configurations improves efficiency by reducing the time needed on-site.

“Customers will be impressed by the voice quality delivered by the SoundStructure systems, and systems integrators and audio/visual professionals will appreciate the system’s seamless scalability, advanced processing capabilities, direct integration with the Polycom HDX systems, and easy configuration,” said Richardson.

“The SoundStructure devices combine a very powerful set of features, including superb quality stereo audio, into an easy to configure system,” said Dr. Randal Abler, Associate Director of the Arbutus Center for Distributed Engineering Education, of the Georgia Institute of Technology. “High quality audio is an often overlooked but vital part of distance learning classrooms. Stereo audio conferencing will vastly improve the student’s sense of participation, which is crucial to learning.”

Polycom HDX Video Conferencing Integration

SoundStructure products are interoperable with virtually any video conferencing system. However, the series features deep integration with Polycom HDX high definition video conferencing systems, which are also designed for custom room environments and the needs of systems integrators. A simple connection between the devices sends bi-directional stereo digital audio between devices, with mute and volume control shared across the platform. Polycom HDX integration provides simplified set up and end-to-end support for features like 22 kHz StereoSurround for an uncompromising UltimateHD user experience.

Pricing and Availability

The Polycom SoundStructure series is scheduled for availability in North America, Europe and parts of Asia in Q3 2007 through Polycom certified channel partners for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$4,995 for an eight channel system, $6,495 for a 12 channel system and $7995 for a 16 channel system (North America). Availability in other countries is scheduled for later in the year. Regional pricing may vary. Polycom’s existing Vortex line of installed audio solutions will continue to be available and supported.

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Furman’s Free Online Video Offers Comprehensive Guide to AC Power Problems and Solutions

17 06 2007

PETALUMA, Calif. — June 14, 2007 — Furman Sound, a world-leading provider of power management solutions, today announced the availability of free online videos that discuss AC power problems and solutions.

Available at, the short series of videos provides installers and customers alike with the opportunity to learn about AC power management through dynamic content such as real-world installation examples, active product demos, and 3D modeling of Furman’s products and circuitry.
The online videos are divided into two groups: technology and product solutions. Each section is then broken down into short chapters, affording viewers a fast and easy way to brush up on any of Furman’s proprietary technologies or products. Visitors to the Furman web site can watch all or part of the videos, which are available with or without chapter breaks.

“Power management is an essential element for the enhanced performance and protection of sensitive components in any home theater system,” said Dave Keller, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Furman and Panamax. “The responsibility for conveying this message to the customer falls upon the installer. By providing this online video to installers, we are better equipping them to understand the inherent problems of AC power, and to specify the appropriate power management products into every installation. Likewise, their customers now have a comprehensive guide to better understand why the inclusion of power management is so vital to their systems.”

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