The Most Compact AV Routing and Control Solution release by Crestron

28 10 2009


The Crestron MPC family of AV room controllers delivers the most simple, cost-effective routing and control solution on the market today. Perfect for small classroom and meeting room applications, the 10-button MPC-M5 is now shipping. Featuring a built-in 2-Series control system, the MPC-M5 fits onto a standard 2-gang electrical box with space to accommodate all wiring and connections. Seamless integration with Crestron RoomView® software via Ethernet enables IT/AV managers to remotely monitor, manage and control every room on the network, and SSL encryption provides a totally secure network connection at all times, preventing unauthorized access to the system.

According to Vin Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing, “the M5 is the most affordable model in the MPC line, and with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), it’s the simplest to install, requiring just one wire for operation.”

A fully-programmable user interface, the MPC-M5 is available in black or white, and features an attractive and intuitive layout of 10 pushbuttons with corresponding LED feedback, customizable backlit labeling, and wireless remote capability. It can be programmed for any function, including system power, input source selection, transport control, volume adjustment, and lighting presets. Like all MPC models, the MPC-M5 mounts in a wall or podium.

Through its onboard control ports, the MPC-M5 interfaces directly with the video display or projector, DVD player or TV receiver, projection screen, lift, occupancy sensor, and other room devices. In addition to high-speed Ethernet, there is a bidirectional RS-232 COM port, an IR/serial port, two relays, and two input ports right on the rear panel.

The MPC line is easy for instructors to learn and use, and equally important, can be implemented consistently in every room, lecture hall or auditorium. The MPC-M5 communicates directly with Crestron’s exclusive RoomView help desk software, the industry’s most comprehensive facility-wide solution for remote monitoring and asset management. Built-in SNMP support also enables integration with third-party network management software, allowing full control and monitoring from the IT Help Desk or NOC in a format that’s familiar to IT personnel.


Blackbox monitoring from IP and Crestron system…….

17 10 2009


eServices, Inc. has introduced the BlackBox, a network appliance that monitors IP-based and Crestron Cresnet® devices. The BlackBox provides integrators with the ability to monitor, evaluate and trigger any LAN or Cresnet system device from an easy-to-use web interface. The BlackBox also offers integrators a reliable source of potential recurring revenue streams with their clients, yet eliminates dependency on outside service providers.

The BlackBox, developed by the team at eServices and long-time programming firm, Digital Automation, remotely tracks the live status of any IP-based or Crestron Cresnet device. Once the appliance is installed, it automatically identifies all system devices and begins tracking the system. Should the system or a specific device go offline, the BlackBox automatically triggers a notification to the integrator’s email address notifying him of the issue. From an off-site location, users can access the BlackBox through a secure user interface to quickly determine the source of any potential or actual interruptions in the system, saving valuable time on service calls and system maintenance, and improving the customer support process.

“Having the ability to know that a system has failed before our clients do is an amazing tool,” said Robin Bogle, president of Advanced Home Theater and integrator of eServices’ BlackBox. “Customer service leads to customer satisfaction which is the best sales tool you can have. Not to mention knowing exactly what is broken before we send out a technician leads to immediate cost savings. The BlackBox monitor gives us a huge advantage not available till now.”

Given the uneasiness of the market and the often short life-span of outside remote monitoring services, eServices does not force integrators to commit to permanent service agreements; instead offering the functionality of the BlackBox for a one-time unlimited device licensing fee.

“In developing the BlackBox, we wanted to create a solution that offered custom integrators a reliable, easy-to-use remote monitoring service that worked across multiple platforms,” said Stephen Harrington, president of eServices. “By incorporating the BlackBox into home automation systems, including those featuring IP-enabled and Crestron Cresnet devices, integrators can now offer their clients the luxury of having a real-time, enhanced level of technical support and customer service.”

For more information on eServices and the BlackBox monitoring program, visit

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Crestron to Open Design and Technology Experience Center

30 09 2009


Crestron announced today the upcoming opening of its state-of-the-art Experience Center located at its world headquarters in Rockleigh, NJ. The new multi-million dollar interactive environment celebrates the company’s 40 years of innovation and leadership. The fully immersive experience will provide integrators, architects and designers with a space to introduce clients to Crestron, meet with Crestron executives, collaborate with system designers and to demonstrate the latest state-of-the-art technology in elegantly appointed, functioning application environments. The 8,000 square foot suite features an atrium-style reception area, cutting edge multimedia presentation room, sophisticated video conferencing boardroom, Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater and an expansive interactive design lab.

The center is a compelling destination location and one of the highlights of a complete tour of the Crestron campus, a small city dedicated to innovation, engineering and client support. In addition to the Experience Center, Crestron will open its doors to business partners and guests for an inside look at the sophisticated, and until now, rarely seen 100,000 square-foot Research Center, where more than 350 engineers are developing the products and technologies of tomorrow; the 150,000 square foot manufacturing plant; the 50,000 square foot pre-production facility, and the 50,000 square foot worldwide distribution center. The appointment-only tours provide a compelling, in-depth look into the world of Crestron, to fully understand and appreciate the level of commitment, investment and expertise of Crestron, why it’s the global leader in digital HD technology and control solutions.

“Some people know us, and think of us as a big company and industry leader. Others may not have heard of us at all,” explains Crestron Executive Vice President, Randy Klein. “But to come here and see it all firsthand is always an eye-opening experience. It’s hard to imagine what we have and what we’re doing. You really have to come and see for yourself.”

The expansive new Experience Center was designed by world-renowned interior designer Andres Escobar. Fashionably appointed with the finest fixtures and furnishings, the center elegantly blends chic design with cutting-edge technology. Guests walk through the terrazzo entrance way and are transported from a typical corporate reception area into a bright, open grand atrium with rounded walls and a high ceiling that features geometric skylights.

“When you walk through the doors you immediately know this is not a typical showroom or demo area,” observes Klein. “We didn’t rent or move into a generic commercial space. We started with a clean slate and challenged Andres to design a modern space that would create a unique atmosphere that would facilitate creativity and collaboration, and where we could also host events and showcase technology.”

The reception area features a 7.1 in-ceiling surround sound system, Digital Projection HD projector and Stewart Filmscreen StarGlas screen, Hubbell Lighting fixtures, Philips Color Kinetics three-color LED chase lights, Renaissance Lighting LED downlights, a custom made wave-shaped stainless steel counter with a quartz countertop and leather high-back stools. LED lights are installed throughout the center, and are dimmed and controlled from Crestron touchpanels to establish the desired ambiance for various occasions, such as a sales meeting or corporate event.

After welcoming guests and understanding their unique interests and needs, the Crestron Experience Center features several fully functional, state-of-the-art rooms in which to demonstrate how the latest technology looks, sounds and functions in a real-world environment. The presentation room and executive boardroom are completely furnished, and feature the latest solutions including a Digital Projection dVision projector and a Pioneer HD display, Hunter Douglas motorized shades and Crestron audio, video and control systems.

Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing adds, “These aren’t simulated or mock application vignettes. These are actual installed systems in real fully-operational rooms.” Bruno continues, “No cost was spared and no detail was overlooked, right down to the modern designer bathroom, which is also Crestron controlled.”

The Theo Kalomirakis Home Theater, designed by the father of home theater himself, delivers the highest quality HD video and surround sound experience. Featuring Crestron PROCISE™ 7.3 HD surround sound processing, ADMS Intermedia Delivery System, Digital Projection TITAN three-chip 1080p projector, Stewart Filmscreen 143-inch CineCurve screen, Revel speakers, RPG acoustical room treatments and CinemaTech theater seats, guests are treated to nothing short of media euphoria.

Finally, the interactive design lab features more than 500 Crestron products on display. At their leisure, clients can peruse, compare and evaluate working, fully programmed entertainment systems, touchpanels and remote controls, lighting and HVAC systems. The entire facility has a digital infrastructure, fully wired with Crestron’s revolutionary DigitalMedia™ (DM) Cable, with DM components installed throughout, allowing visitors to experience the only end-to-end digital solution available today.

“It’s one thing to read a spec sheet online or flip through a catalog,” says Bruno. “But step into an environment like this and actually push buttons and watch magic happen is the best way to understand the benefits and value of our solutions.”

The Crestron Experience Center officially opens October 20th.

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New 6 Button OLED Colour Control Interface Plate from Aurora Multimedia

14 09 2009


Aurora Multimedia announces the release of the new WP-6C six-button OLED color control interface…. and pretty it is!

The WP-6C OLED is an innovative hybrid product that blends the best of old world and new world. It combines the most advanced OLED screen technology with six hard buttons for the satisfying sensation of a tactile button press. Dynamic actions take place instantly as a button is pressed and almost all practical system designs can be accommodated by this one device. Includes one serial and one IR/serial onboard control ports in addition to its POE LAN port.

Key features:

  • OLED color button panel
  • Combines six hard buttons with individual dynamic OLED screens
  • Internal web server
  • LAN port with POE
  • One serial port
  • One IR/Serial(TX) port
  • Fits in 1-gang style backbox

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AMX takes voluntary correct action on faulty Series 5000 batteries

13 09 2009


AMX is voluntarily taking corrective action for rechargeable batteries for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) Wireless Touch Panels shipped prior to June 5, 2009. All new shipments and repaired units from AMX after this date are not affected.

Ongoing testing of the batteries for the 5000 Series Wireless Touch Panels (5100, 5150, 5200i) has revealed that touch panels left discharged for more than 3 to 6 months can potentially experience a “deep-discharge” condition which may result in a swollen battery in a small percentage of units.

If you or your customers have any inventory in stock (touch panels and/or batteries), please do not ship these touch panels or batteries to end users; instead, please return them to AMX for replacement. AMX will replace existing batteries with the enhanced version.

As to batteries in the field with your end users, there will be a three-fold response.

First, any 5000 Series Wireless Touch Panel (5100, 5150, 5200i) showing evidence of a swollen battery, either by a bulging of the touch panel enclosure or by exhibiting “haloing” or other distortion in the display, should be immediately returned to AMX for replacement of the unit. For any of these touch panels showing signs of a swollen battery, the end user should be advised to immediately discontinue use and remove the panel from charging. Recharging a swollen battery, mishandling a swollen battery, or compression of a unit with a charged swollen battery may cause the battery to rupture which has the potential risk for damage or injury. Dealers need to discharge the touch panel before returning to AMX for replacement.

Second, for touch panels not showing evidence of a swollen battery, AMX will make available a firmware upgrade for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels that will notify the end user if their panel has experienced a condition that might lead to a swollen battery and will advise the end user to discontinue use, stop recharging and immediately return the touch panel for replacement of the battery pack. This firmware upgrade will be available at: on or before July 22, 2009.

Finally, although there have been a very small number of units returned, AMX as a further precaution will also replace all the batteries at no cost for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels not showing signs of swollen battery as covered by this announcement and shipped prior to June 5, 2009. The battery replacement process will be done in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or appropriate international agency within the coming months.

At any time Dealers have the option to return these affected touch panels for a battery replacement at no cost. Additionally, AMX will restart the warranty on all 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels upon battery replacement covered by this announcement and shipped prior to June 5, 2009.

AMX thanks you in advance for your speedy and thorough implementation of this customer service program. Any questions or concerns regarding this program should be directed to the regional AMX Technical Support office at and reference “XPX5000B.

If you have any concerns on the above contact your AMX Dealer.

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Conditioned. Protected. Uninterrupted.

13 09 2009


The APC AV S Type offers complete power conditioning, with pure sine wave battery backup.

The newest addition to the APC AV family, the S20BLK, has all the same great features of the S Type Power Conditioners, with the added features of Network Manageability and Environmental Monitoring, and a 28% larger power train than the S15. Save costly and intrusive service calls, remotely reboot hung equipment, automatically shutdown systems due to temperature/humidity extremes and control/monitor the unit via a built in web server or RS-232 port. As a Crestron Certified Integration Partner and an InConcert tm partner for AMX, the S20 is easily integrated and managed with these and any other whole home automation networks and vendors.

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Crestron DigitalMedia™: The Only Solution for the Digital Age

13 09 2009


Crestron DigitalMedia Solves the Control and Distribution Challenges of Tomorrow – Today

After five years researching HDMI and HDCP, Crestron has released Crestron DigitalMedia™ (DM), a transformational family of products delivering reliable switching and distribution of all analog and uncompressed HD signals. DM is the only complete, integrated solution for the digital age, accepting and distributing all analog audio and video, high-res computer, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and USB keyboard / mouse control. DM even processes all the embedded data – including HDCP, EDID and CEC – for reliable, optimal system performance. Built-in software tools display and manage the flow of all signals and data throughout the system ensuring easy installation.

Just like traditional AV distribution systems, the core of a DM system is the switcher. Designed for enterprise-wide distribution, the DM-MD8x8and DM-MD16x16 matrix switchers are flexible, expandable, and card-based, with a wide variety of input and output cards from which to choose. Every DM switcher and transmitter features DM Tools, a powerful setup and diagnostic software program that graphically displays the flow of all signals and data. DM Tools provides an intuitive reference for troubleshooting and commissioning a system, ensuring easy installation and operation.

“DM is so comprehensive; it’s easy to lose sight of how straightforward a solution it is,” said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing, “As users migrate more and more towards digital sources and displays, only DM has a simple, reliable approach for virtually any scenario an integrator might encounter.”

Exclusive, built-in QuickSwitch HD™ technology prevents frustrating switching delays. Fast, uninterrupted HDMI switching is achieved by pre-authorizing HDCP keys and maintaining a constant handshake between sources and displays. EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is processed to identify and automatically send the best resolution to the display, so clients no longer have to manually configure the output resolution before starting each presentation. DM also manages CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), preventing devices from issuing unwanted and seemingly random commands, such as turning off a projector during a presentation.

Crestron DigitalMedia systems are fully functional from power up, without any programming or network configuration. Step through the setup Wizard from a laptop or scroll through a menu-driven sequence form the front panel LCD display on the 8X8 or 16×16 to tune a DM system for enhanced performance. Only Crestron provides such an advanced technology solution that has the installation tools and flexibility that will serve you today, tomorrow and beyond.

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